Why Your Belief System Is the Number One Factor to Success

We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you think,” Are we actually the products of our thoughts? It may surprise you to learn that the truth to this question is yes. We are, whether we realize it or not.

Your current life, whether it is good or not, was created by your choices. I’m sure at this point in time you are thinking: “Why would I attract failure and negativity into my life?”

Power of Thought

Success and failure are both dependent upon what our mind, especially our subconscious mind, eats. If you’re failing in an area of your life, chances are it is because of the barriers you have placed upon your mind relating to the area of your life in question.

This is best illustrated by entrepreneurs and salespeople who set out to start a 6-figure company or make hundreds of thousands in commissions, but end up failing.

Don’t let your results or failure dictate you

Failures, whether they are entrepreneurs or salespeople can propel them further into a negative outlook, which allows the thoughts and feelings of lack and failure to take over. If they do this enough, doubt and failure will grow inside their heads, keeping them from succeeding.

We are taught as children to look at our reports and determine how successful we will be. As we grow up, the system we use to measure our success is the same. We analyze our KPIs, sales data and the profit that we make for a company to gauge our level.

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Reprogram your failure 

It’s important to understand that failure in life is inevitable. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have; there is not one person in the world who has not met with failure one time or another, but what makes someone successful and one a continual failure? Your beliefs.

Your beliefs about yourself and how you value yourself are the key to getting through difficult and challenging times. Unfortunately, not everyone who rises from their failures can be the one who is successful.

“Who you think you are each day, completely determines the universe you live in.” – Ram Dass

Recognize your feelings

Although thoughts and ideas aren’t what makes someone miserable, they can be correlated with intense emotions. Strong emotions can be associated with an idea or thought. This creates a belief that controls our reactions and actions in various situations.

We must acknowledge and transform our negative beliefs into positive ones in order to overcome them. For example, a salesperson might say to themselves, “Why is everyone else making thousands of sales per month when I can’t even make one sale? I am a failure.”

We can see from this that the person in question does not have a success mindset. They are instead focusing on what they lack and allowing a sales sheet dictate their worth.

It’s time to make a change

To be able to change their operating system they need to create one. You must let go of the lack mindset and embrace prosperity to succeed. You can do this only by repeating the process. However, repetition isn’t a quick solution. This takes dedication over time.


First, determine what success means to you in order to change your belief system towards success and prosperity. Success varies from person to person so it’s important you have a deep understanding of what you associate success with.

After you’ve decided what success is for you, write down a goal to achieve it. You might find it helpful to review your success goals every day for at minimum three months.

What you think is what it becomes

A change in a person’s belief system through repetition will enable them to better deal with failures and challenges when they arise. This will help the individual to stay focused and not lose sight of their goal, no matter how difficult or high the hurdles.

You can only succeed if you believe that every cell of your body is capable of doing something.  Although the journey can be difficult at times, you can still achieve your goals with perseverance and a strong belief system.

Sir Edmund Hillary didn’t get to the top of Mt Everest the first time he tried, but he did what no man had done before with a strong belief system and commitment to succeed. You can apply the same principles to your business.

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