Why Standards and Values Create Success in Business

In today’s chaotic world, you and your business must have a North Star. The North Star is an unambiguous list of values and standards. It’s that simple. It is essential that you set your values and standards high and stick to them. To do so, you must raise your expectation for yourself and your business.

Two fundamental questions will help you determine your standards and values. Which values do you believe in? You will make a difference if your company can find these two truths, and then stick to them. Today’s society accepts subpar as the norm. It is time to set a higher standard. If you are true to your values and standards, your business will be more successful than the average. You will be successful if you are disciplined. 

Although standards and values may not seem like the most sexy topic, they are certainly important. You won’t find the average Joe talking about them at the bar after work. That’s the point. It’s rare to be able to set standards and have values. You will be different. You will see an exponential increase in your business if your values align with your core principles, purpose, and goals. The reverse is also true; if you choose to skimp on your values, if you become lazy, complacent, and unmotivated – or worse, unethical, making poor decisions – your business will fail under the daily pressures of the fast-paced world.

In fact, the moment you start to relax or get too comfortable in your business, is the moment the devil is going to start knocking at the door of your company and your personal life, and it’s all downhill from there. You will soon find yourself in the midst of other complacent and average people who don’t make it. You don’t want to be one of them. You are expected to be average and do as little as possible. The average Joe is a quick loser.

Standards and values mean you won’t be easily swayed by the crowd. You’ve got to stick with your own ethics to succeed in business. There’s a big difference between “living the high life” and “living a life of high value.” Living the high life might mean going out to the strip club after the convention with all your sales buddies, justifying it as “networking.” But what I have found over time is that those contacts fade as quickly as the experience of going to the club. On the other hand, the truly high-quality networking contacts that I’ve made, business contacts who I want to connect with or who I aspire to become, I don’t meet in strip clubs. These people are the ones I make connections with at conferences that help them to grow professionally and personally.

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobodies are the same but you leave them all over everything you do.” – Elvis Presley

What’s the bottom line? The bottom line? High-value people are often found in high-value environments. So, audit your environment. Look at where you spend your time, look at who you find in those environments, and see if the kind of people you’re meeting is the type of people you want to grow with or become. If the answer is neither, then you’ve got to raise the bar for yourself, change the game, and shift your environment. Your business, personal and professional life will improve if you align your values and standards with the environment.

The battle for life standards also includes the ability to organize your day in a way that maximizes productivity and makes it more efficient. It reminds me of Trevor and Trevor writing this today. My heroin addiction was when I was young, and I just went with it. It was easy to be persuaded into lowering my standards and to go out all night. Usually, it didn’t end well. Today, however, my high standards and higher values have allowed me to find what is best for me. Each day, I challenge myself to do what’s best for me Today.

This will allow you to grow in every area of your life, including business.  Perform at whatever “today’s great” is. Thirteen years ago, that would’ve been just not having drugs that one day. This was a victory day. 

Making a memorable day today is about creating legacy and pulling levers that increase my productivity. Take a look at today’s billionaires. Elon is making moves today, whether you love or loathe him. What levers will you pull to make your life easier, and what are the best things that you can do, right now? That’s how you work your standards and values into your life and business growth.

No matter what standard or values you have, service and giving should always be part of your core beliefs. As much as we’re talking about improving ourselves, to grow our businesses, we can’t overlook that the best part of life really isn’t about us. You need to be less self-centered and let go of the fame. You can fall for it. We’ve all done it. We’re all human. But, in the end, it should be more about putting one’s nose to the grind and getting deals done. Are we trying to display our core value or shine? 

I’d say, serving our clients, employees, partnerships, and even my family – that’s where I am being my best. Everybody wins when I set high standards in these areas through my service. Everyone is inspired to be better, and that leads to even more success.

Your business decisions are what will make you successful. The decision is yours. Choose the standards and values that you want. Choose whether you are looking for the best life and the highest quality people. The choice is yours to choose between being average and exceptional. The lever that you pull or not is up to your preference. You choose what environment you want to be in and what environment you’re going to avoid. You choose how you’re going to structure your day or whether your day shapes you.

You have complete control over everything. You design your life. And by designing your life, you design how you’re going to succeed now and in the future. It all starts with your standards and values.

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