What is the advantage of working with a mass messaging service

Mass messaging refers to automated text message sending to a targeted audience. Mass messaging is a tool in marketing strategy. It is important to make effective use of technology. All types of businesses (large, medium, small).

Mass messaging allows you to easily send texts messages to multiple recipients at once with the use of mass messaging. Sending a single message to thousands can be done simultaneously. You also have the option to personalize messages for each recipient on your mailing list.

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Mass messaging allows you to send short messages to multiple recipients at once. This includes notifications about special offers and bank card transactions.

Which tasks does the service tackle?

It is important to use mass messaging services in order to solve critical issues.

  1. Companies have a greater chance to be remembered by their clients through regular sms-messages. This creates a positive impression of themselves and helps them build trust.
  2. Advertising campaigns are successful. The key to this success is not sending random messages, but rather to customers who are already familiar with the company and have purchased goods or services from it.
  3. Spam laws regulate mass mail service. It is therefore legal to use it. There are no consequences for sending illegal messages.

This service is beneficial to all parties

The SMS notification of the target audience can lead to significant increases in company recognition among other competitors. This helps increase sales, profits and revenue, regardless of the business sphere. For:

  1. Auto Business. Send SMS to be notified about test drives and discounts.
  2. Tourism industry: Offering interesting business or vacation travel deals.
  3. Notification to banks institutions about bank card transactions, date of repayment, etc.).
  4. Insurance (offering better insurance rates and terms for contract extension, as well as making payments)
  5. The commercial sphere. Send out mass mailings to all sales outlets. Information about new services and products, promotions, and discounts can be found in online stores.
  6. Restaurants, cafes.
  7. Nightclubs, theatres, and cinemas are all entertainment venues.
  8. Clubs for fitness
  9. Delivery services
  10. Cab services.

These are just a few of the many areas that could be affected. Mass messaging service This will improve the efficiency of your activities. This communication method is ideal for many business sectors.

Service Advantages

A mass mailing service not only allows customers to be notified quickly and effectively, but also offers the following benefits:

  1. The ability to reach a large audience and deliver messages to multiple subscribers.
  2. Customers can receive multiple messages simultaneously.
  3. Not only can messages be sent as text but they also have the ability to include voice.
  4. It is cost-effective and effective, compared to other advertising methods or tariffs.
  5. Maintaining constant contact with customers

Additional Features

Services offer additional functions that enhance the technology’s usability. These features include:

  • You can order voice mails. The client may also record the message.
  • Smart-mailing Design, that combines multiple options to maximize optimization
  • Sending mms messages
  • The creation of a web-service for mailing;
  • To confirm operation of the call, send codes to the number
  • You can receive sms messages, which allow you to communicate with customers.
  • Chat online with Me-Talk;
  • Provision of modules ready for integration with CMS to create online shops
  • There are many more.


Collaboration with mass mail services will prove to be beneficial for many reasons.

Automation – automatic sending function allows you to make a scheduled sending, by executing it at the specified time automatically, even when the working laptop is not nearby.

 Internet connection is not required for sending sms (you need to be in the mobile operator’s coverage area). This makes mass mail a good channel to send information.

Efficiency – the readability of messages is close to 95%. This is an excellent indicator when compared with other channels.

Because mass texting is easy to understand, it has many benefits. These include the ability to increase the number of customers who are interested in a specific proposal and increasing their sales.

How to place an order

SempiCo Solutions provides mass messaging services. For over a decade, our company has been in the telecommunications business. 12-yearsCoverage More than 200 countries. Our platform is fully integrated with multiple functionality. This makes it possible to provide reliable service even when there are high volumes of traffic. These are our values:

  • security: Information in user accounts are encrypted using web certificates.
  • Flexibility in payments (online payment, bank transfer or work with foreign currencies)
  • 24/7 support for financial and technical problems.
  • Signing direct contracts with operators
  • attractive pricing policy.

SempiCo Solutions offers an individual calculation for each client. This will allow you to determine the costs of any special telecommunications services.

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