WEBB Banks CEO Andy Consuegra Talks Wine, Spirits, and the Expansion of the Cannabis Industry in the Caribbean and Central America

Andy Consuegra CEO, WEBB Banks Enterprise Radio joins the Caribbean and Central America as a distributor of premium spirits and wine for Travel Retail.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Andy ConsuegraThe following topics are discussed:

  1. Let us know what WEBB Banks is like today and how it has changed over the past fifteen years.
  2. Despite the pandemic, WEBB Banks had a record year, what do you think contributed to the company’s success?
  3. WeBB BANKS helped your company to become a leader in its industry by ensuring diversity of staff members and avoiding outsourcing. What other aspects can you suggest that would be beneficial to other owners of businesses?
  4. Tell us more about WB Canna Co. & Wellness and what the opportunity for the cannabis and wellness industry is in the Caribbean and Central America.
  5. What can you do as a business to plan for the future of a tourist industry that is heavily dependent on natural disasters and has been severely affected in recent years?

Andy Consuegra In 2007, Andy founded WEBB with Mercedes Velasco, his business partner. Andy has been in the industry for 23 years. He was previously VP Marketing for Diageo, VP for Allied Domecq Travel Retail Americas and Managing Director of Beam Global Mexico. After graduating from Tufts University of Boston, he received an MBA degree from The Stern School of Business. While Andy is a proud Miami native, he would rather be drinking a Tito’s Moscow Mule in his home in Upstate New York.

Website: https://webbbanks.com

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Andy Consuegra, WEBB Banks CEO, discusses Wine, Spirits, & the Expansion of the Cannabis Industry, Caribbean and Central America, originally appeared on Enterprise Podcast Network – EPN.

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