US-Ukrainian Startup Leverages E-bike Innovation to Help Its Home Country and the Planet

Daniel Tonkopi, an environmental and EV expert and CEO of Delfast, a disruptive global e-bike leader that holds a Guinness World Record for greatest distance (228 miles) traveled on a single charge joins the Green Business Podcast.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Daniel Tonkopi discuss the following:

  1. What is Delfast’s company mission?
  2. Your decision to focus on the EV-bike market is a smart one.
  3. The Delfast electric bicycle is the fastest on the market. Why is the Delfast electric bicycle different?
  4. For whom is this bike made? Commuters, students, professionals?
  5. What is the cost of a bike and where to buy one?

Daniel TonkopiDaniel, who is also the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Delfast, Inc., has over 20 years of business success. He has previously been involved in several entrepreneurial ventures, including (a Ukrainian business review service); X-Rift (an augmented reality mobile gaming app); and Million Dollar Startup (a Kyiv-based start-up school).

In 2014, Daniel set out to transform the future of transportation and combat climate change with Delfast’s innovative e-bikes. The company is now a leading global innovator in electric bikes and has a Guinness World Record of the most distance (222.8 miles) covered on one charge.

Daniel serves as an entrepreneurial mentor and business coach for MiniBoss School and Startup Ukraine. He also helps with the Central Asia FLEX program. An author and former radio host, he is a prolific speaker having spoken at many industry conferences around the globe. Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations from Kazakh Economic University.


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