US Live Casino Partnership Between FanDuel and Evolution Continues In 2022 

US Live Casino Partnership Between FanDuel and Evolution Continues In 2022 

iGaming is a growing market in the US. Although many have recognized the growth, some live dealer products suppliers recognized it in 2020. Evolution Gaming was a top provider of Live Casino products and had signed an agreement in 2020 with The FanDuel Group to supply its casino products in America. Evolution Gaming has extended their partnership agreement with FanDuel Group, which was announced by the company on February 8, 2022. Evolution Gaming is now the exclusive provider for live gaming across all of FanDuel’s country.

As the UK has many of the most popular casino apps, the demand for more engaging gaming experiences is high. Casino sites were introduced in the UK earlier than others. The online gambling industry has greatly benefited the UK. The US is slowly catching up, but there are many reasons it has been slowing down. The renewal of the FanDuel-Evolution Games agreement is good news for US gaming. It brings many live dealer casino products to players. 

It is now fully regulated in the US. It makes it easier to play online and opens up the US market for a wide range of gaming options. In 2020, Evolution live dealer games were added to the existing FanDuel casino products. Ezugi is an Evolution brand. The renewal of this agreement in 2022 will only enhance the previous agreement. This was the real catalyst for the creation of this partnership. 

The new agreement suggests that it may be possible for any US state with an online casino to offer Evolution live dealer games. In the future, they plan to introduce branded and custom studios to their Pennsylvania and Michigan offices. This is currently in process. Evolution Gaming has live services in Michigan and Pennsylvania thanks to their Barstool partnership. 

FanDuel has other interests and can see a lot of potential in the worlds of slots, and many more. Their goal is to provide a truly unique experience for US customers. The company will introduce Evolution-branded slots, and they are trying to incorporate a range of first-person gaming into the overall gaming experience. In addition to this, they plan on releasing premium brand slots through the use of their affiliation with Red Tiger and NetEnt. Evolution purchased NetEnt and Red Tiger in 2020. They will be able to enjoy premium slots and brand-named games. Players will also get Evolutions’ impressive range of RNG titles and first-person games with a very unique and attractive Go Live feature. 

This partnership will see live casino growth explode in America. The two companies recognize the potential of live gaming in the US market and are happy to be partners as GM of Casino at FandDuel, Jesse Chemtob had mentioned in the company’s press release. FanDuel is also impressed by Evolution’s popularity and success. The operators and the suppliers collaborate to ensure that players have access to the most popular games as well as a high-quality gaming experience. 

Live casino is very popular in the United States. This makes it imperative that newer, better-quality live dealer tables are available. Evolution Gaming and FanDuel Group have already made a significant impact on the US’regulated online gaming industry. It will only bring an even better and more enjoyable gaming experience with the latest and most technologically advanced features. The online casino industry is growing in popularity and even older people are now more interested than ever. This partnership will bring great success to the future and be very interesting for players. 

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