Top US Manufacturing Startups to Watch

Tech and manufacturing are experiencing something of a boom, in spite of the setbacks imposed by the looming Coronavirus pandemic. Over the past few months, the proverbial ball has been rolling on a number of amazing startup manufacturers, and today we’re going to look at some of the names you should be keeping your eyes on going into 2022.


When it comes to the burgeoning digital manufacturing environment, US-based Fictiv is leading the pack. You may remember hearing about this company making waves back in 2019, when it was reported that they had raised $33 million in order to expand their operations and become the “AWS of hardware manufacturing.” Then again, in early 2021, Fictiv again went on a fundraising push, bringing in an additional $35 million to fund their vision.

Now, years later, it seems their bid is paying off. Fictiv is jockeying for the lead at the forefront of a digital manufacturing revolution, positioning itself as one of the fastest options around:

“Fictiv’s pitch is that by taking on the supply-chain management of producing hardware for a business, it can produce hardware using its platform in a week, a process that might have previously taken three months to complete, which can mean lower costs and more efficiency.”

While there’s still work to be done in the push toward their ultimate goals, it’s safe to say that this startup is one that you should definitely be keeping on your radar for the years ahead.


Dyndrite has their base of operations in Seattle, which should already provide some indication about their dedication to staying on the cutting edge of emerging technology. In this case, that technology is 3D printing, and Dyndrite is certainly considered a leader in the field:

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“Software developer Dyndrite, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA, has been selected as one the World Economic Forum’s ‘Technology Pioneers’. This title is awarded to early-to-growth-stage companies from around the world that are involved in the use of new technologies and innovation that are poised to have a significant impact on business and society.”

With the use of their software and advanced mathematical tools, customers are able to drill down into complicated geometrical and computation problems, creating next-generation solutions with hyper-scalability and unparalleled capacity for automation.

Natural Fiber Welding

The next generation of textiles is being pioneered by companies like Natural Fiber Welding (NFW). Based out of Illinois, in the United States, this tech/manufacturing startup has been exploring the use of plants and natural fibers to create beautiful (and, more importantly, sustainable) textiles that retain their durability. In perhaps what is a new twist on this idea, this company makes use of new techniques to manipulate their fibers at the molecular level, leading to a level of performance previously unheard of from naturally-derived textiles.
What’s more is the fact that his company is on a serious upswing. Just back in July of 2021, it was reported that they were able to generate an nfusion of cash—$15 million—positioning NFW to expand operations and explore even more cutting-edge techniques.

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