Tips to Keep Your Furniture Looking Brand New for Years

If you want your furniture to last for years, it’s important to take care of it properly. Follow the steps below to keep your furniture looking new for many years. Whether you’ve furnished your house with ornate wood items or unique Australian design concrete furniture, take these tips on-board to keep your home interiors spick and span for the foreseeable future.

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Keep your furniture clean by dusting it once a week.

To avoid scratching, use a feather brush or damp cloth. You can dust once per week, however, if your pets are present or you live in an area that is particularly dusty, it may be necessary to dust more frequently.

To remove dirt and dust, vacuum your furniture once a week.

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You can use the upholstery attachment to clean all fabric covered areas on the furniture. While you will need to reach all areas, be careful not to cause any damage.

Every month, use a damp cloth to wipe your furniture clean. This will remove any marks or stains.

You can prevent stains from becoming permanent and difficult to get rid of. Make sure you test the solution on an inconspicuous spot first.

Polish wood furniture once a month to make it shine.

It will protect your wood against water and scratches. You can use a quality furniture polish and soft cloth.

When you are eating, drinking or dining near your furniture, protect it from damage with a tablecloth.

Even if you’re careful, accidents happen. You can keep water stains from forming by placing a placemat or tablecloth on the table. These stains can last a long time and can prove difficult to clean up.

To prevent staining, remove spills as quickly as possible

It is particularly important for furniture with light colours. You can prevent permanent staining by acting quickly!

You can maintain your furniture’s beauty for years by following these easy tips. So don’t neglect your beloved pieces – give them the care they deserve and enjoy them for many years to come! Are there any furniture care tips that you can share? Please share your tips with us below in the comments!

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