The Victim Cult with Dr. Mark Milke

Dr. Mark Milke, Ph.D., the president of a new think tank, The Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy, author, and columnist with six books and dozens of studies published internationally in the last two decades joins Enterprise Radio.. His latest book is, “The Victim Cult: How the Grievance Culture Hurts Everyone and Wrecks Civilizations.”

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Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Mark Milke discuss the following:

  1. How did this book come about?
  2. Do you deny that there are actual victims?
  3. This is a political phenomena?
  4. Is there a victim cult?
  5. Are there any bright spots within The Victim Cult’s dark side?

Mark Milke (Ph.D.) is president of The Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy. The latest is his book, “The Victim Cult: Why Grievance Culture Harms All and Damages Civilizations.”

His books, reports and columns touch on everything from cancel culture to the folly of identity politics to why cultural “appropriation” is a good thing—it’s called cultural sharing. His success formula includes treating each individual with respect in law, policy, education and learning from others.

Mark is a Canadian who almost ended up an American—his great-great grandfather was from Wisconsin and fought on the side of the Union in the U.S. Civil War—Milke also wrote the political party platform for the new government of Alberta. He also serves as president of the Winston Churchill Society.


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