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The Blueprint to Increase Your Luck and Achieve Success

Success eludes everyone. Success is elusive for most people. Only a handful of them achieve it. While everyone wants to be successful, nobody wishes to experience failure. You learn from your mistakes and succeed. Success is easy to achieve. It is hard work and perseverance that makes success possible. Even if you have setbacks for the time being, you will be able to regain your position and achieve it again because you know it’s worth it. To ensure your success, you must work hard.

Failure is like having many mothers who teach you lessons. Success can have many fathers. Many definitions of success exist. Each person’s passions, priorities, and goals will determine what they mean by success. The right person at the right time is what defines success. Both timing and the right moment are essential for success. You can connect the dots and visualize success. You can align your talents with your desired outcomes to achieve success. Simply put, success means aligning your objectives and your desired outcomes. 

People fail most often because they can’t manage external distractions or disturbances. People lose focus when faced with repeated failures. Many people are determined to succeed and work hard. Only a handful of people are able to anticipate and manage external disturbances, and remain motivated to achieve their goals. If they don’t succeed, they take criticism. They can be part of the solution and not the problem. They are passionate about achieving their goals. 

They see success as a side effect and not as an end result. If you are obsessed with success, it is unlikely that you will ever achieve it. You can achieve success if your focus is on your passions. The passions of extraordinary performers are more important than success. 

Don’t believe in luck, but pluck

Pluck refers to the ability overcome external obstacles. People can succeed when external factors are in their favor. These external influences can be described as luck. Even the most talented people can be thrown off course by bad luck and end up failing. Despite being down, some people will not be forgotten if they invest their time and effort consistently.

“Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson  

Here’s how to improve your luck and succeed.

People believe luck is crucial to success. Luck is only one factor that can tip the balance in your favor. You can only make luck by your determination. If you believe in your abilities and are determined to pursue your goals, then you can achieve success. Below is a guideline to help you increase your chance of success. 

Get out of your comfort zones. Your comfort zone is not conducive to success and leadership. Your passions are worth taking risks. Don’t worry if you fail. You can learn quickly and move on if you fail. When confronted with failures, think of ‘what next’ rather than brooding over your failures. For positive vibrations to be created, create a network of positive friends. Create strong connections. You can help and ask for their assistance. Give of yourself to others. Appreciate people during your journey. 

It costs nothing to appreciate others, except your time. It doesn’t matter who they rank or what their profile is. Take the best ideas and listen to others. Note down the top ideas. Consider all possibilities. Keep in mind that luck depends on your determination.  Simply put, you can change how you view luck. Keep your attitude positive. Accept the possibility of failure and take risks. Raise your bar. Emphasize excellence. Don’t whine, condemn, criticize, complain or be negative. Be kind to others. Be kind and generous.

For success, be creative

People often blame their circumstances of birth for not being successful. You can achieve success at any stage in human history. To succeed, people need to look for the gaps in their lives and work to close them. Many people feel guilty for not being able to access education or opportunities. Blaming parents is wrong. My case is one where I was not able to get the education I desired. 

When I was 19, I began to explore my options and joined Indian Air Force. I wanted to help my country, make money, and learn new things. In Indian Air Force I earned several certifications, including BSc and MBA. Even though I faced financial hardships, my Ph.D. was in Soft Skills after leaving Indian Air Force. It is important to find solutions for your problems, not blame others.

Some people are blessed with success early, while others find success later. You can be successful if you work hard and take chances. Thomas Jefferson rightly remarked, “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”  Remember, if you achieve success overnight it goes away overnight. To sustain your success, work slowly and steady. 

Although luck and determination are not tangible, they can be crucial in achieving the intangible success. When the right time comes, success will be yours. You can only do your best when you are able to contribute consistently and continuously without worrying too much about your results. Summary: Success provides temporary relief, fulfills short-term temptations, and adds value to your life. To sum it all, be a good example of someone who adds value to others. Your contribution will live on beyond your life. 

The Blueprint to Improve Your Luck and Achieve Success originally appeared on Addicted 2 Success.

The Blueprint to Increase Luck and Achieve Success was originally published by Addicted 2 Success.

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