The Art of Winning – How to Live All Possibilities of Life

“Winning” – the word has a multitude of meanings.

It may be a way to achieve perfection, or to rise to the top of all things.

But what happens when you reach the “pinnacle” of Success?

How do you stay a winner when you’re already at the top, and there’s nowhere else to go? What can you do to keep your winning streak going? And most importantly how do you reap the possibilities created through ‘The Winning’?

“You and your organization, are most vulnerable when you are most successful.” – Robin Sharma, The Greatness Guide 

A real win is when you truly feel happy from within, and not vulnerable – Which can only happen when you can ‘Stop Worrying and Start Living.’

The art and science of winning lies Knowing how to improve your abilities to be a better person. GivingYou can give what you’ve learned to other people. This translates to using the knowledge, experience, skills, or wealth you’ve gained to create better opportunities for others. 

It is possible to question whether you need to provide better opportunities for others. 

Remember, winning is all about you. 

Why not share your success with others?

A couple were having fun in the garden. The one of them shared his marble collection with the other. One of them responded with a story about his collection of marbles.

The marble owner immediately suggested to the sweet owner that there be an exchange – marbles for sweets. The sweet owner accepted. 

He returned home with all of his treats, so the sweet owner packed everything in a small box. The owner of marble kept some large marbles and gave the remainder to his friend. 

The two friends swapped their belongings and returned home.

But that night the sweet owner lost his sweets for marbles and slept peacefully. The marble owner kept his homemade sweets and the larger marbles in his hand, thinking about the trade. 

He wondered if his friend might have hidden sweets similar to him. It was all he thought of the whole night, and he lost sleep. 

To me, the winner in this situation, and others is the one who got a good night’s sleep with a clear conscience. Sleep is also what helps us to win more battles. 

And if that statement sounds naïve and vague, then maybe these pointers will help illuminate the ‘Art of Winning’ further:

Power of Thought 

The power of your mind is the key to winning. Mind management is difficult because thoughts can occur at a subtler level. The mind can change into almost any shape it chooses through its dominant thoughts.

Let’s take, for instance, how you start a job hunt. First, you realize you do not like what you’re currently doing, followed almost immediately by the consideration that you could be doing something you like better instead. You are convinced you need a job change and you start an active search. 

The power of thoughts is in their ability to influence others. Meditation helps you recognize how thoughts influence your actions. Meditation helps you harness the power of your mind and makes it possible to become a better person. 

Harmony is possible 

While winning is an unimaginable joy, it can also bring with it the fear of losing. The result is that your mind loses its peace. 

To think about winning as a way to defeat others is limiting your ability to bring harmony into the world. You can make harmony by looking at winning as a way of sharing your abundance. 

Think like a king, when you define “winning.” In ancient Hindu scriptures, kings were defined as compassionate and exalted. These kings were thought to be above all the rest and therefore beyond any notion of winning. 

Conflict is impossible when there’s no competition. Harmony is all around. 

The second step to mastering the art is being kind and compassionate. 

Finding Your Rhythm

Harmony is not only about being kind and compassionate. It also means being self-confident. 

A lover of wisdom automatically creates a sense of strength and confidence. 

Christian D. Larson from American New Thought, a teacher and leader in the field of American New Thought says it best:

“To give so much time to improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.” 

You are always ahead of the happening

A real victory cannot be savored unless you’ve consumed the bitter taste of defeat. This can only be achieved when you’re centered. 

Although you may feel overjoyed about winning a tournament or being awarded a large project, that joy can quickly fade if your focus is lost. You can find a single kind of joy by being involved with activities, and another in quiet reflection. 

The space between yes and no is a place where you have both the right and wrong. This opens up a world of possibilities.

It is only when you’re awake that the true art of winning comes into being. 

Art of winning can be very individual. For some, it’s about the pursuit of happiness and finding joy in every moment; for others, success means following their passions to create something that has never been done before. There are as many ways to win in life, as people are living on this planet—but what we can all agree on is that when you find your rhythm and learn how-to live-in harmony with yourself, you will have won against any odds.

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