Restaurant Expansion: Traditional Vs. Modern Strategies

Like any business venture, restaurants are like other businesses. As they become more popular they expand to new areas. 

But restaurant expansion isn’t typically as straightforward as, say, opening new clothing store locations. The restaurant industry is essentially a small manufacturing facility that produces high-quality, fast products. It takes planning, precision, and lots of mental, physical, and emotional energy to open a restaurant or other new business location. financial investment. 

These are at least the requirements of restaurant expansion. The article will explore the options available to restaurateurs today. There are two options for growing restaurants: traditional or modern. 

Expansion of a restaurant the traditional way

The conventional wisdom is that success in expanding a restaurant requires a tried-and-true idea, some luck and lots of investment. 

In order to grow your restaurant business traditionaly, you’ll need to do the following: 

  • Analysis of profitabilityFind out if expanding is possible.
  • FinanceYou need to raise enough capital for equipment, renovations or lease/mortgage. These can include capital loans, merchant cash advance, credit lines, and so on.).
  • Locator scouting to find an available kitchen that fits your target demographic/psychographic
  • Pairing of brandsFor consistency and continuity between locations
  • Modifications to the menuTo optimize your kitchen’s space
  • Renting New staff members and support
  • More

These are the steps that will help you expand your business. Traditional expansion is risky and costly. It can also be difficult. 

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Deliver Only Restaurants: A New Strategy

Many restaurateurs had difficulty expanding their business during the pandemic. Opening new locations for dine-in was difficult and costly due to shifting lockdowns. Many restaurateurs began to look for modern ways of expanding their business. 

Recently, there’s been a lot of press surrounding ghost kitchens – kitchens that only prepare delivery meals. Some restaurateurs find success expanding with ghost kitchens, but there’s a catch: You still have to shoulder the burden of staffing and inventory, usually on top of rent and monthly fees. 

Delivery only restaurants are a great way to grow your business. REEF, an international network consisting of delivery kitchens around the world, can help you launch delivery-only restaurants. REEF does not require a large upfront investment or high monthly fees. 

A delivery network allows you to expand your business by providing staffing and support. This lets you focus on creative aspects such as menu planning, branding, marketing, and more. The network takes the hassle out of location-scouting. Together, they will help you find suitable places for your idea using advanced analytics as well as geoscoring. 

Some restaurateurs may still choose to grow their business the traditional way. However, the new strategy of expanding via a network delivery kitchen is more efficient, safer, and involves less upfront investment. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs who believe in their food concept, and want to see their products launched in new locations Without There is always a risk 

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