Music with a Message: Performing Concerts in New York and New Jersey

Deborah King, visionary choral conductor of Ember Choral Arts, joins the eMusician podcast show. The group performs concerts several times per year in New York City, and Northern NJ. Unique programming features an eclectic mixture of music by living composers and messages that are socially relevant. You can also watch their concerts live on YouTube.

Ember’s musical performances share vital, powerful messages which King feels resonate with existing fans and new audiences. The singers IncludesActive professional musicians, emerging professionals and experienced avocational artists. Both sides of Hudson River are home to singers. This is an extremely large geographic area. Singers are drawn from 11 counties in New York State and New Jersey.  

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Deborah King discuss the following:

  1. It is part of Ember’s mission to extend the role of art beyond that of its own intrinsic value, leveraging it to bring visibility and expansive thinking to issues of human significance. Could you please explain more?
  2. Two new performances for March 2022 Were Title Talking about it? Let me know about your favorite performances. Powerful messages you wantEd To emphasize the importance of this to your audience?
  3. How do you choose the repertoire to be performed? How do you build a concert programme?
  4. Are there any other concert plans for 2022?
  5. We would love to hear about your involvement in the music industry, both national and local..

Ember Choral Arts

Ember Choral Arts’ semi-professional performing group is Ember Ember.  With the founding of Project: Encore®Ember Choral Arts now enters its second decade. They are expanding their already unusual presentation style to include media companionship. The goal is to cultivate a virtual audience and speak to a new generation dedicated to live performance. To learn more about Ember Choral Arts and their goal of sharing “Music and a Message,” log onto

About Dr. Deborah Simpkin King

Deborah Simpkin King (Ph.D.) is an innovative choral conductor and advocate of new music. She also serves as a master teacher. Her guest conducting, published works and active participation in Manhattan’s choral scene are all ways she serves the international and national music communities. 

Not only is she a continuous conductor, but also with the semi-professional Ember from Schola Cantorum and the choir of Trinity Episcopal Church Asbury Park NJ, but also within Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart Festival, MidAmerica Productions, and various guest conducting appearances.  

The growth of Schola Cantorum Hudson’s Phoenix Initiative and the establishment of Schola Cantorum Hudson’s Phoenix Initiative are two examples of her commitment to the nurturing of the next generation in arts. She also continues to lead the NJ-ACDA High School Choral Festival. Through Project: Encore®(which she co-founded), Dr. King has been at the forefront of the new music business, working with composers to find post-premiere performances and performing numerous premieres. 


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