ERP tools, which are a form of enterprise resource planning (ERP), are one of the most popular workflow management and operations options. ERP software, in its simplest form, consolidates business processes such as accounting and human resources.

ERP software

There are many types of ERP platforms. While some are specifically designed for specific industries, others can be used in a general way. It is possible to reap many benefits from ERP software deployment in your enterprise.

  • Lower costs – There are several ways adopting ERP systems can help organizations reduce costs. ERP systems are designed to create synergies between organizations and increase efficiency. By tying various processes into a single program, it’s possible to reduce spending on other platforms, while also gaining the ability to cut down on time spent working on problems that span across departments.
  • Better data – Data is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. Without a healthy focus on tangible evidence, organizations won’t be able to compete with more objective-focused companies. ERP platforms integrate and consolidate data across enterprises to create a single platform. It makes it easier to access data, and also allows for deeper insights. ERP’s real-time analysis capability makes it an even more powerful tool.
  • Stronger security – It’s no secret that data security is a critical part of running an enterprise today. High-profile security breaches are happening all the time, so organizations must take every possible step to increase their security. The chances of missing critical patches or vulnerabilities are reduced by consolidating the functions of multiple tools. The best applications management services will offer the highest security. Selecting one of the premium tools will be safer than using several subpar options.

These are but a few examples of ERP system benefits. Now let’s look at how you can make the most of your EPR software.

Are You Ready to Make The Most Of Your ERP Software?

Once an enterprise has determined that deploying ERP software is the right move, it’s necessary to find the best way to do this. Finding the best platform to meet your operational and organizational needs is the most important step. Every business is unique, so there will be many stories.

Workday ERP is considered one of the best and most versatile options. Workday’s primary focus is on people resources and accounting, both of which are essential parts of any organization. Business leaders who have seen Workday in action know it’s able to pay for itself over time.

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But simply adopting the right tools isn’t going to be enough to guarantee success when using them. Even for great platforms like Workday, there’s often a huge learning curve when onboarding employees onto the new system. Additionally, there are so many features that it could take several years of experimentation to figure out the most efficient way to use them all.

A Workday certified partner organization is a great option for enterprises looking to accelerate their start-up, improve operational results, increase net ROI and get more done in fewer time frames. Having experts there for support as long as they’re needed can lead to dramatically different outcomes.

When choosing Mercer, which has been part of the Workday partner program for about a decade, you’ll get a few highly useful benefits:

  • Expertise from a dedicated groupTo help you transition your business to Workday. The people who will be guiding you through this process are some of the world’s top specialists in ERP, and specifically Workday, software. It’s impossible to replicate that kind of expertise.
  • You’re not just a sales metricWorkday partners are looking for proof-of concept. Your satisfaction with their services is critical. Mercer specifically has a 92 percent customer satisfaction rate according to their surveys—meaning the vast majority of clients have seen value in their services.
  • Different levels of support are available means you’ll only be paying for what your organization really needs at the time. Another way to increase ROI is by finding Workday partners.

There’s no question ERP software can improve business operations. ERP software can be a competitive advantage for businesses that make use of it.

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