Little Known Way to Boost Your Client Attraction Results

If you are struggling to prove that you are that expert your leads and prospects are ought to hire, if you are getting hesitation and confusion on your sales calls – perhaps I can show you another way to become magnetic to the right people in your audience.

In over two decades working with business owners from all walks of life, there is one main obstacle I can pinpoint when it comes to client attraction – where everyone who struggled to grow their business and attract more clients had one thing in common. 

Their marketing strategy was not in line with WHO they are as individuals, and there was little human energy in the marketing material. It simply felt off – and their audiences could sense it. 

People work with people 

People have faith in them Personal brandsGeneric brands are less popular than their own. 

I always believed it, but I also wondered, “Why is that?” mainly when I lived in the countryside of Ireland, where people are not as open to using technology as in some other parts of the world. Why would Mary rather drive to Joe’s shop than order something online? 

It was obvious. May shopped at Joe’s because she liked him, she trusted him, enjoyed the “vibes,” the little chit-chat she could have when visiting his store, that warm fuzzy feeling that he would look after her. 

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And at the same time, she would never go shopping at Pat’s, who she thought was a very “difficult” man to deal with.

In other words, we interact with each other’s vibes that invisible energy more than we tend to give it credit. Our vibes are crucial in marketing. If we are doing something we do not feel energetically lit up by (and most business owners I know hate anything to do with marketing) – the audience senses that “void” and simply does not respond to the offers.

I discovered an extremely accurate and unusual tool after a lot of research through archetype research and personality assessment. I was able to map out my client’s energetic potential and help them attract clients. It helps to define what content is most in line with their personality and makes it easy to produce.

That feeling of ease, inner security, joy, and, as a result, boosted confidence and the conviction with which they make their offers completely change the “vibe” of their marketing and, in turn, attracts a flow of great clients who immediately energetically respond in a very positive way.

A self-discovery system and personal development method recently developed is my guide to that end. Human Design. Some refer to this system as being given a “user manual” for your life. This system is great for aligning marketing and business strategies with the way you’re designed to work.

Your Business Energetics

This is an example of how understanding your Human Design Type and Authority can help you create the perfect marketing strategy. You can request a Human Design Chart free of charge. Here.)

Splenic Projector #3. My Type is a Projector. (There are also Generators, Manifestors, Reflectors & Manifesting Generators). In terms of my energetics, it describes a particular “shape” of my aura and the way I interact with people. 

Projector’s aura is focused on the other person, one at a time. It’s very perceptive. This means that Projectors have the ability to see deep inside of others, making them excellent managers and organizers. 

A Projector who has such a focused aura will wait until they are invited before offering guidance. If a projector tries advising someone energetically “closed” (who has not “invited” them), it often meets pushbacks and resistance. 

Projectors would benefit from a marketing strategy that focuses on creating their authority in their field and drawing people who share their passion for the subject. 

Being seen and “recognized” both energetically and simply as an authority on the subject attracts very aligned kind of people. Many clients come to me pre-sold so that when we talk about enrolling them it is not about convincing them or overcoming their objections. Because my visibility is so powerful, I am able to choose the best opportunities for me and take advantage of them. 

It has proven to be a win-win situation for me and my business. I have seen a significant improvement in the ways that I get clients, as well as the flow of leads and opportunities. 

I tried to follow more traditional marketing strategies with cold outreach and structured sales calls – it felt utterly humiliating. I was forced into “proving my worth.” 

My job is to invite interaction, not to take action. For me, this has always been a frightening scenario.

It also had very low conversions, as you can see. 

And yet, for some of my clients who were Manifestors by Type, cold outreach was perfect because their aura and Human Design are all about igniting the “fire,” starting projects, and initiating others into action. 

It was seamless for them to message their Facebook connections with invites to join their group and view their offers. 

I found it to be a source of tension, and sometimes even was blocked by upset recipients.

People with completely different energy types could perform the same activity and get a totally opposite response. Traditional marketing strategies are not for everyone. They don’t work for everyone, but only people with the same energy type that the ones who developed them and implemented them successfully. 

It makes total sense to me, my deeply rational mind. My own design has been an experiment in the past. I’ve helped clients with different auras find their way to success. They can no longer be compelled to accept offers or strategies that will only make them worse. It works every single time.

You Brand Magnetism

Another area of Human Design  I am pretty obsessed with is Profiles. It is amazing to see how magnetic we are to certain people within our audience. My Marketing Archetypes were based on Human Design profile lines. They help me create content that is truly fun to make. My profile is 1/3 – it is the most introverted, self-absorbed type of energy that is all about getting deep to the core foundation of the topic and then testing it and finding the path through personal experiences to share one’s findings with others. 

By sharing their personal views and helping others to feel secure in learning from failures and trying out new things, people with 1/3 profiles can serve the community. This is something we fear because it could be interpreted as selfishness or being self-centered. 

But this does not make it a disadvantage. Focusing on yourself and then sharing your thoughts is the way we can serve humanity. It is an empowering outlook that changed my entire life. 

It allows me to share personal insight in lengthy-form posts on Facebook and my blog. I also use it for masterclasses, publications, talks, and writing for other publications. This allowed me to not focus on building large communities within a Facebook group, which is a common strategy that social media marketers ascribe to. 

I felt it wasn’t something that I enjoyed doing after four years in the growth of the group. My thoughts were shared on my blog with greater joy than I felt sharing them. Personal profileI could create value posts around those same ideas for the group. If you don’t like being in the spotlight and have to organise and host events, do you feel that way? Although you may be able to do an adequate job, it will leave you feeling dead inside. 

Interestingly, over four years and a couple of thousand total members, I never ever had a client enrolling with me through being “nurtured” in my free group. Most active members were already my clients and had their own exclusive Facebook group, which made me a little annoyed because they were engaging “in the wrong place.” When finally I relieved myself from a need for building a community as it is not where my energy becomes irresistibly magnetic, I felt so satisfied, free, and unstuck. I realized that just because I had this extra task to “post something in my group,” it was toxic for my creativity to write, interview amazing people for my podcasts, share my insights in talks and articles like this. And I did so much less of what brought clients into my business – all those above mentioned activities where I can be sharing what I was so deeply intrigued and excited by, without pressure to hang out, network, and socialize with other people. 

While I’m happy to interact with people, visibility is key to me feeling successful. I don’t need to conform to what gurus say to get clients to my door. 

One only needs to be who they really are to attract clients and grow their business. Opportunities, challenges, and invitations will start appearing out of the blue. 

Human Design, which is new, is less than 40 years old. It combines ancient wisdom from many spiritual and practical modalities. The thing that I find most fascinating about the Human Design personality assessment is its ability to not rely on multiple questions one might not be able to answer when in an empowered, authentic, and fully empowered state of mind. Hence, the results may not reflect the potential and often have some vagueness in practical application to one’s business strategies. Some may call Human Design a pseudoscience. Still, I am yet to find anyone who discovered this system, leaned into it, and embraced some of their “user manual” suggestions and had not felt like they were handed permission to be themselves in their business or their lives.

For help in realigning and marketing strategy, please contact me. However, for now I want you to reflect on all of the negative things or feelings that you experienced that made you feel uncomfortable. Burnout and frustration. What if you could never again feel like that in your business? You know what I mean.

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