How to Start an ATM Business : A Beginner Guide

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You have many options to be a successful owner of your business. One option is to open an ATM business. What is the best way to open an ATM business? You may find it easier than you realize. You can find many businesses that will help you start your ATM business. This business can be run as either a side-business or full-time. An ATM business can be started by anyone. 

You can make a great deal of money by starting your own ATM company. There is nothing better than working for yourself, isn’t it? Why an ATM business? This is because it’s a profitable business idea and requires little capital. ATMs are a profit-producing business that has no hidden expenses.  

ATM industry growth is steady. Many people are getting into this business but don’t have all the knowledge required for it. Technology advancements are encouraging ATM technology. From 2021-2027, ATM industry growth is estimated to be 4%. 

The ATM industry suffered setbacks just like any other business, but the pandemic forced the industry to embrace newer trends such as Artificial Intelligence and biometrics. This has made ATM’s a little more secure for transactions. Over the years, the ATM industry has seen a lot of changes. 

We have a guide for you to help you start your ATM business if this interests you. 

 Is an ATM Business Profitable?

This question can only be answered if we understand the potential profits that an ATM could bring. 

When people use an ATM, they are charged a fee for using the ATM services which are called a ‘Surcharge’. It is between $2 and $3. The surcharge helps businesses make money. The surcharge is not paid by the business owner. They typically have to share a small portion with the company responsible for maintaining the ATM. This includes repairs or replenishing the cash. 

If you want to increase profits, the ATM can be used by business owners as an advertisement tool. Business owners may make additional profits by adding different advertisements. 

It is a lucrative business. You can make a large profit if there are many transactions. You can make $15-25 per transaction if there are at least five to ten transactions per day. This translates to $450-$750 per month. If you don’t charge a high surcharge, this is a profitable way to make money. It is possible to have a higher surcharge for cities than you would in suburbs. Before you install your ATM, make sure to research the area’s surcharge. An average standard fee is $3. 

Your ATM must be available throughout the week to maximize your profits. To make more, it should be strategically located. 

How Much Does it Cost to Start an ATM Business? 

There isn’t much capital required to start an ATM business. ATM businesses don’t require staff or stores, and all money goes to buying machinery. Starting an ATM business will cost you around $3,000 and include the cost of the machine, which is approximately $2,099. Cash can be loaded into ATMs from $500 up to $15,000, however business owners typically add between $1,000 and $3,000 to their machines. 

Franchise fees for this business are zero. In the first six months, the cost of the ATM is covered. Then you can make profits. 

How to Start an ATM Business

ATM Business

While starting an ATM company may sound easy, it is not. There are steps you need to follow in order for your ATM business to be successful. To get your ATM business started, here are some guidelines. 

Locate Financing 

You will need financing to start an ATM business, or any other kind of business. It is easy to get started with this business. Either you can finance your company on your own, or you may ask for money from a bank. This business can be started for around $3,000 as it isn’t quite the same cost as other businesses. Ask your family members and friends to lend money or invest in the business. 

Place the final touches 

Surcharges can be earned by focusing on your location. Surcharges are calculated based on how many people you have access to your ATM. It is important to identify businesses who are interested in purchasing your ATMs. A lot of business owners want ATMs in order to reduce their credit card fees and increase cash transactions.

It is more important than the location of your ATM. You will need to find a business with 200 customers so that you can process around 10 transactions per day. This is equivalent to 300 transactions per month. That’s a great profit. 

Get The Necessary Licenses & Permits

Licenses and permits are required to open an ATM business. Failure to obtain the required permits and licenses can result in heavy fines, and possibly even your business being shut down. 

You can reach your local clerk office, county clerk, or town to find out more about licenses and permits. This permits and licenses prove that your business is legal. It also allows you to pay your taxes.&nbSp;

 ATM Connection Type at Business

A processing server is required to make an ATM work. The majority of companies prefer using the internet to link their machines. An Ethernet jack is required near the machine. A modem must have an open port for plugging in to the machine. 

You can also use a telephone line. It must be located within 3 feet from the machine. A wireless router can be used to link wirelessly to the machine. This must be done before you start the installation. 

Buy ATM Machine & Other Tools 

Now is the time to purchase your first ATM machine. You can choose from many ATMs, but it is important to select one that suits your requirements. One type of ATM is the stand-alone, while another one is connected to a wall. The stand-alone machines are more costly than the ones that use a wall. To begin, it is best to use a standalone machine. You can use the wall in busy areas. You will need other tools in order to maintain your machine. You should make sure that you have the right tools and machine. 

Get Your ATM Installed & Ready to Go

After you’ve purchased your machine, it is time to set it up. An ATM technician will install it, program it, and train you on how to use it. A technician will also add your banking information to the receipt and display it. During the installation, the surcharge amount will also be set. The installation process and training can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. It will teach you how to add money and receipt papers to your machine. Installation costs can range from $350 up to $450. 

Maintain the Cash Flow & Monitor

Machines can be held between $16,000 and $20,000, however cash is rarely added to them. ATMs are filled with cash ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 per person. You will need to replenish less cash the more money you add. As the cash is taken out of the ATM it is automatically wired back to your company’s bank account. This will happen if the cash is taken out of an ATM after 3 pm. If it occurs later, it will be posted on the next day. Cash can always be recycled in this manner. 

After your ATM has been fully operational, you can only monitor it from the convenience of your home. Only you will need to monitor the cash refills and then relax and reap the rewards. 


An ATM business can be profitable, and it requires very little capital. There are several things you need to do before starting your ATM business. After you’ve established your business, look into ways that it can grow and become more profitable. 

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