How to Increase Customer Engagement with Video Marketing

You can find so many content. Audiences are inundated with all sorts of information, whether it is promotional or informative, entertaining, or both. With so much information available, it can be difficult for any brand or company to engage its audience. 

Customers are the foundation of every online company. It’s where video marketing enters the picture. Video marketing is the best way to build an emotional connection with your audience.

According to 2022 Video Marketing StatisticsWyzowl published that as high as 86% businesses can benefit from the video-related opportunities.  

More brands recognize the benefits of providing customer service. Video support for customer service. Video marketing has been the preferred method of increasing customer interaction and engagement.

Video marketing can be confusing if it’s your first time. However, that’s not true. You just need to keep the basics in mind. You can quickly increase customer engagement by learning the basics of videomarketing. Here’s a quick overview of video marketing to increase customer engagement.

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  • Video marketing can be integrated with email marketing 

According to the Forrester’s findings, the click-through rate increased a staggering 200-300%  by incorporating videos in emails. Brands must include videos in email marketing campaigns. 

  • Try out different video formats

Before you can decide which video format is best for your marketing strategy, it’s important to try out different formats. These are just a few of the formats you could try.

  • Testimonial videos

Client testimonials are a reliable source of social proof. The following are some of the most reliable social proof sources. Wyzowl publishes findingsA substantial 79% percent of customers learned more about the brand, product or service through video testimonials. In addition, nine out of ten people say they have greater trust in the opinions and experiences of customers than what the brand has to offer.

The videos can be used as referrals by your clients. With testimonial videos you will be able to engage many more customers. 

People like to hear from people who are similar to them about brands, and not just celebrities or models. Testimonials are the best video format to use. These videos allow your customers to share the positive impact of your brand on their lives.

  • Case Studies

Your educational qualifications and background are not important in the digital age. The results that you provide to clients speaks volumes about your product/services. This is why case studies have become a very popular video form.

Cass studies differ from testimonials in that they are more detailed than those of the client. Clients will not be talking about the brand in case studies. Instead, they are presenting results. A case study is a comprehensive account of the brand’s achievements for a client. If you create a case study video you will be explaining to the client how you solved their problems. You must present to your viewers a clearly defined before-and-after scenario, along with the pertinent data numbers. 

The numbers show how significant a difference you made in the lives of individuals and organizations. These case studies can be used to demonstrate your authority as well as your domain knowledge. 

  • Explainer videos

The umbrella term “explainer videos” covers many videos such as product/service demonstrations, how to videos and videos about brand culture/brand stories. The explanation videos explain and break down the brand’s offerings and offer them to viewers. 

These videos can be educational or informative. You can show viewers how the product or service you offer would improve their lives by creating these videos. Your target audience will trust you and your explainer videos.

  • Storytelling can be used to create an emotional bond

Stories are an engaging art form. All stories follow the same narrative structure: a beginning; middle; and an end. You can grab your viewers’ attention by incorporating the core elements of storytelling into your video content and keep them watching until the very end. 

Here’s is how you can create a story in your videos:

  • Make interesting characters, and place them in exciting situations.
  • These dramatic scenarios can be created by drawing inspiration from your audience’s daily lives. You should try to get to know your customers’ cultural and social backgrounds. You can create a more human-like experience for your customers by incorporating their daily lives into your stories.
  • The story should be told in a way that leads the main character along a path. The viewer is introduced to the characters first, followed by a conflict and finally a resolution. These solutions are offered in the form products or services by the brand.
  • This helps viewers understand the brand’s ability to solve their everyday problems. It can make the viewers emotionally invested in the brand, depending on how professionally done the video.
  • You can use both audio and visual storytelling components. Incorporate visually compelling animations and infographics along with sound effects and music. Your videos will be an immersive experience for viewers if you have a compelling story and strong audio and visual elements.
  • You can interact with your viewers live using video.

Because you have the ability to micro-manage each aspect of your custom-recorded videos, they can produce great results. But they can’t replicate the level of interaction and engagement live video formats offer. A brand must also make sure to invest some resources and time in the following areas:

  • Livestream

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow you to live stream your event and engage with your followers. This allows you to personalize your organization/brand and create a real connection with your audience. 

  • Webinars

Another great tool to get engagement is webinars Regularly conduct high-quality webinars that provide valuable information to your audience. This webinar can be a great way to generate leads. You can increase the number of your subscribers to social media channels and emails by hosting webinars.

  • Conclusion

Videos are a great engagement tool, whether you want to reach your clients or make your target audience aware about your brand. You can educate, inform, and market to your customers and prospects through videos. 

Businesses can increase customer reach and convert more customers with videos. Don’t wait! You can use video marketing to reach audiences and convert them into customers.

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