Here’s How Your Relationships Determines Your Happiness

HappinessThe simple act of uttering a word can be far more powerful than what we realize. Happiness is the best thing in the world. Ok, money, wealth, and friends and family all compare.

All of these things do not compare. How do you know what the value of money is if you don’t feel happy? There are many things or factors that influence our happiness. Your relationships are the most important of these. 

A relationship means: Emotional connection between people. An emotion is the foundation of any relationship. An emotion is any strong feeling that you feel for someone or something. If you are in a strong relationship with someone, it is likely that you feel strongly for them. 

It is important to realize that any relationship we have can impact our life. What is the reason? Because there’s a strong sense involved. 

People are driven to happiness. They just want to smile without any sadness. However, they find that hard to do, they just think they can’t be happy no matter what, some even think happiness is not for them. 

You need to know that no matter your status or how rich you might be, you can only be happy if there are the right people around you. Relationships matter a lot. These are some questions to ask:

  • How do you feel about my current relationship?
  • What has this experience been like for me?
  • This relationship has made me so happy.
  • Is there a way to make my life better? 

Get the answers you need. 

Your relationship can determine how happy you are.

A relationship is a partnership Friendship is keyIf you have a love relationship or blood-related relationship with someone (your family), it means that you feel strongly connected. Strongly connected can also mean there is love involved. Love is a risky subject.

For example, a girl broke up with her boyfriend due to the boyfriend’s fault. The guy still loves the girl, so what will you expect to happen? Either he kills himself, drinks, and smokes (especially if this is not something he’s done before), or he gets involved in some kind of accident. 

What makes you believe such an event will occur to the man? It’s because of love, it’s because of emotion. This is why so many people want to feel happy. Even though they are unhappy in their relationships, they want to be happy.

Yet, you want happiness and your friends fight and argue with each other every day. You break up every second with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Every day, your spouse or husband fights with you? You and your children are also not happy together.

If you’re in such a relationship, it is impossible to be happy. You expect to be happy if they fight you daily, argue with you everyday, and say things that hurt your feelings every single day.

Married man/woman can be at work happy, smile, and even laugh, but remembering you’re still returning home to your family will bring you sorrow. You know that your home does not feel at peace.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

Happiness is defined by peace. There is no happiness if there’s not peace. As a student, Knowing that your parents’ fight with each other may not want you to return home because you know violence is the order of the day in your home. 

Relationships are important because they make a difference in whether or not you feel happy. And a lot of people are in relationships like this but they also want to be happy, they also want peace, however, the sad part is, no matter how much they want to be happy, they still can’t leave and say goodbye to their relationships. 

Why? Because there is love. They are connected because their emotions are strong and they share a relationship. It is up to you which relationships you maintain or in which relationship you are. Do you find it peaceful? Never forget, FriedenHappiness is its hallmark. There is no greater happiness than peace. 

Ask yourself: “what relationship am I in”? Is it helping me in any other way? Since I have been in this relationship, how has my mental health changed? Is this relationship making me happy?

If the answer is a capital NO to any of these questions, you need to either get out or talk about how to make things work for peace. It is important to remember that happiness can be reversed by sadness or depression. You can get rid of any uneasy relationships, and you can start a fresh life. 

Also, remember that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, is the prince and protector of peace. If you live with Jesus, you can have eternal life and peace. 

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