Here’s A New Way of “Finishing Strong” This Year

If you’re in the business of, well, any business, you are constantly seeing this message of, “Finishing strong.” Whether it’s the month, quarter, or the dreaded end of the year, you are constantly encouraged to review, correct, ramp up, and work harder to see those results. It’s the key to success right?

What isn’t often said is, this is exhausting! What do we do if we don’t feel like pushing ourselves harder? Are you ready to allow the results to be as they are? 

As we wrap up 2021, I’m calling it in. I’m happy to say I made progress in the direction of my goals this year and whatever I didn’t achieve, can be done even after that magical number of 12:00AM hits on January 1, 2022.

A Break is What You Deserve

You deserve to take a vacation, no matter how difficult the year has been. Your time is important. You should be able to breathe, relax and spend it with friends or your family. I don’t care if you epically failed in all of your business ventures, you deserve to take the time to reset, realign, and get back on track. 

Working through exhaustion, a cluttered or distracted mind won’t do you or your business any good. Your efforts will not be enough to achieve the desired results. Negative energy and emotional reactions will result from making commitments that you don’t really believe in. You must make sure that what you do at the end this year is something you truly love. 

I’m not saying you should ignore every email or call, but I am saying to invest your energy wisely.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

It will take a lot more to achieve the results you want next. 

It is beneficial for you as well as your company to take time off to relax. You know what it feels like to go on vacation, or to spend a long weekend and come back home with many ideas and inspirations to put into practice? Yes, I’ve done it.

You can get back to your core purpose by allowing your mind to shut off and allowing your attention and thoughts elsewhere. The obvious benefit of coming back well-rested and energized doesn’t hurt either. 

The things you put your focus on grow. If you are constantly looking at the different points of your business that need improvement, you’re going to hit a mental wall. The answers don’t come from constantly looking at the problem, it comes from experiencing what’s around it. 

Try something new to gain a fresh perspective

Take a moment to enjoy the time you have away from business pressure and the results. Enjoy yourself and remember why you’ve been pushing yourself so hard in the first place.

Live your life. Get out there and do something you have never done before. Trying new things or even getting back to something you haven’t done in a long while, can recharge you and let those creative juices flow.

It could lead to new opportunities and connections if you try something completely new. Although I tried to resist an invitation to organize and collaborate for an event, it was something completely beyond my capabilities. I finally agreed to join one of these planning calls. Connecting with visionaries and creators gave me a new perspective. It is possible to find others who are just as passionate about creating and visionaries, so I’m sure you can do the same for yourself!

So what does, “Finishing strong,” mean to me? This means that I allow myself to prepare for what is next. Prepare mentally, emotionally and physically. 

A strong finish means that I am fully motivated, inspired and grateful for the chance to build a business. 

You should reset and re-align your vision of success going forward. Remind yourself that you deserve all the success in the world, but you also deserve to take a step back, slow down, and be okay with where you’re currently at. 

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