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Guild Education Partnership With Kohl’s Adds Debt-Free Education Benefit Program

As part of its debt-free education program, Kohl’s has partnered with Guild Education to offer its associates a chance to gain affordable educational credentials. The new program, which was announced by Kohl’s on Jan. 12, will help the trusted retailer for active and casual lifestyles attract and retain excellent talent. It also allows associates at Kohl’s to advance their career mobility. 

“We know Kohl’s is filled with incredibly smart and talented people who have the capabilities to make a meaningful impact on a variety of areas of our business, but may not have the formal education or training to make the leap to a different department or elevate to higher positions,” says Marc Chini, Kohl’s chief people officer. “With the introduction of the new education benefit program [at Kohl’s], we are working to alleviate the barriers that might have prohibited their continued education and provide them with an opportunity to learn new skills, advance their careers and create better lives for their future.”

Guild Education Helps Companies Invest in Employees

The department store believes its associates are, and will continue to be, the driving force in its approach to becoming the trusted retailer of choice for active and casual lifestyle consumers. The company is investing in its associates’ talents by introducing the education benefits program in partnership with Guild Education so they can continue to contribute new ideas and offer solutions that will lead the retail giant forward into the future.

“This program is also instrumental to [how] Kohl’s focuses on building a culture of learning,” says Chini. “A culture that enables education, growth, and opportunities for our associates. Because when our associates grow and continue to advance in their careers, we as an organization succeed, too.”

What’s Included in the New Education Benefit at Kohl’s?

The education benefit program, powered by Guild Education, offers the store’s associates 100% tuition coverage, textbooks, and other related fees. Kohl’s partnered with Guild Education, the leading education and upskilling platform in the United States, to provide its employees with comprehensive benefits to help advance career mobility and attract — as well as retain — talent that is critical to their efforts to become the top choice for casual and activewear.

The new educational program at Kohl’s will begin in the spring of 2022. According to a company spokesperson, all eligible Kohl’s associates will be able to enroll in one of the company’s more than 120 fully funded programs where associates can earn certificates and associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in areas including technology, data analytics, business, and supply chain. There are also courses available to complete high school, college prep, understand the English language, and much more. 

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The Perks of Affordable Education

Additionally, Kohl’s has offered to cover other related educational expenses, like books and mandatory fees, to help offset the additional costs of continuing education. Guild Education designed the catalog of programs, which will be available through a curated selection of learning partners, to help Kohl’s associates achieve their educational and professional dreams by removing the financial burden that commonly stands in the way. “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Kohl’s, helping to advance career mobility within the organization,” says a Guild Education spokesperson

Guild’s team explains that working with Guild Education helps increase career mobility, which benefits both employers and employees. 

“Through the proactive use of education benefits that incentivize learners toward reskilling, employers can create continuous mobility at scale while still serving the needs of the company,” writes Matthew Daniel, principal consultant at Guild Education.  “By having such a structure in place that accommodates large numbers of additional talent and prepares them with the skills they need for upcoming demands, companies can create a reskilling effort that requires less reactive program-building and with less of an administrative burden — all while nurturing a better employee experience simultaneously.”

Guild Education Prepares Workers for the Future

Kohl’s is just the latest well-known company to partner — and the most recent retail partner — to work with Guild Education to help its employees advance their careers, thanks to the program’s affordable access to education. Walmart, Target and Macy’s are three other retailers who also work with Guild. 

According to Guild’s website, building a best-in-class education and upskilling strategy helps a company attract talent that is motivated to learn and grow with it. Building the workforce’s skills empowers career mobility through intentional career pathways delivered through solution design and dedicated coaching. The whole organization takes a step forward when it can successfully upskill the workforce.

Kohl’s is America’s Largest Department Store

Kohl’s is headquartered in Wisconsin. It was founded in 1927 as a corner grocery store in Milwaukee by Polish immigrant Maxwell Kohl before becoming a successful chain. In 1962 its first official department store opened. By May 2012, Kohl’s surpassed JCPenney to become the largest retail chain in the United States. 

In 2021, the company employed 146,000 associates. Now, through the partnership with Guild Education, those associates can proceed with ongoing learning and better advancement within the company. 

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