F.H. Cann & Associates on student loans 2022

F.H. Cann & Associates Inc. Shares What To Know About Student Loans (2022 Update)

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding student loans in 2022. Repayments have been continuously put on pause since the start of the pandemic, and a lot of people are calling for complete forgiveness.

It is difficult for students to understand everything they need to know about student loans because speculation is running wild at the moment. We decided to talk to F.H. Cann & Associates Inc. and get the facts about student loans.

F.H. Cann & Associates Inc. is a respected loan servicing agency and financial recovery expert. They have a lot of experience with loans and understand student loans better than anyone.

This knowledge is why we decided to talk to them and figure out key things everyone should know about student loans. 

Grants & Scholarships 

F.H. Cann & Associates Inc. insists that students seriously considering a loan should exercise due diligence and explore all possible grants and scholarships first. There are so many unknown and unclaimed grants every year, and the only thing preventing many students from saving money is the lack of research.

While many students may not find a huge money grant, there is a high chance that they can save a few hundred or even thousands of dollars per semester. While a loan may still be necessary, the loan will be for less money, which means less interest, and fewer payments in the future. 

Leveraging Payments

After you have received your loans and need to start paying them back, you will have two options according to F.H. Cann and Associates. Option number one is to make the maximum payments on your loans and pay them off as soon as possible. Option number two is making the minimum payments, in order to keep your credit stable, while investing the rest of the money that would’ve gone towards the max payment.

If your investing skills are good enough to outpace the interest that accumulates on your loans, then this is a great way to make money over time. 

Payment Pauses

The federal government has continuously put a pause on student loan repayments. These pauses do not have any obvious end in sight, as long as the pandemic is still causing issues across the U.S.

It’s important to understand that these pauses also pause interest, so there is no reason to pay anything on loans while the payments are paused. It would be better to put the money in the market or in a bond so that it does not get lost to inflation and can make you money until it is time to pay back the loan. 

Loan Forgiveness is on the Horizon

F.H. Cann & Associates cannot promise that loan forgiveness will happen. At the moment there is only speculation, but there is a very vocal push for complete loan forgiveness.

The most recent pause has also implemented non-payment payments, meaning students are getting payment credits. On top of no interest accumulating, the current federal student loan handling is a sort of soft-forgiveness.  

Income Based Repayment 

Now, even if loans are not forgiven, it is important for students to know that their repayment plans do not have to be very aggressive. Federal loans offer payment plans based on income, and can even drop the mandatory payments to $0.

In normal circumstances, interest will still build on the loans, but it can be very useful to avoid loan payments if your income is very low. 

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