Albert Chou is Managing Partner at Diesel Jack Media and the Accounts Director. Diesel Jack Media is a North Carolina-based marketing and advertising company.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Albert Chou discuss the following:

  1. Is there a top issue that retailers are facing during the holiday season? It’s effecting receiving and shipping goods, can you elaborate?
  2. What has the impact of advertising on retailers’ bottom lines? How has this translated into social media advertising
  3. Are consumers changing their purchasing patterns because of the pandemic? Who is it benefiting from this change in behavior?
  4. Are there any other trends in consumer purchasing?
  5. Consumers are buying more online than in big box shops. Is this a trend you expect to continue after the pandemic ends? Or do you believe that more people will return to big-box stores for their shopping needs?

Albert Chou is a managing partner and accounts director at Diesel Jack Media, and brings a customer service mindset to the company. His simple 3-step strategy has allowed him to successfully scale multiple businesses and help them exit.

  1. Keep on-time
  2. Look at what the customer gets (deliverables).
  3. Give extra

His philosophy helped him to grow several organizations and achieve triple-digit year-over year growth. He also sold a wide range of products, ranging from B2B enterprise solutions to consumer games.

He has been instrumental in helping reach over 4M podcasts annually, AddShoppers ecommerce software be named Charlotte’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Company two consecutive years, Expion to be purchased by Sysomos Software 2016 and Sysomos to be bought again by Meltwater 2018.

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Composure Card was funded 100% on Kickstarter. The show will be optioned by The Misery Index producers on TBS. Droparoo daily deals Shopify got purchased and is currently supported by 1,000s.

These are some of the clients he’s served on the journey to social insights and marketing strategies for social media:

  • 360i
  • AMC Movie Theaters
  • Coca-Cola
  • Estee Lauder Companies
  • In-N-Out Burger
  • Mondelez International
  • Viacom
  • WWE

These are some of the accomplishments

2020 – Diesel Jack Media started, and named host of IT Visionaries, a podcast with over 1M downloads

2019 – scales to over 4M Downloads per year and a Top 10 Medium Publication

2019 – Composure Card Game Kickstarter is fully backed and optioned for TV Show

2018 – Best of 2018, Apple Podcasts

2017, 2018 – Fastest Growing Tech Company in Charlotte, NC

2018 – Sysomos is acquired by Meltwater

2016 – Expion is acquired by Sysomos

2015 – Forrester and Gartner rank Expion as best customer service in the SMMS category

2015 – Droparoo is acquired by agency Brand New Ship

2011 – First Start Up Experience at Expion

2008 – Stock Market Crash forces hand to focus on scaling businesses

2005 – Dog Toy Company, Dog Nasty


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