Dance/Movement Therapy helping individuals and couples who have experienced trauma, repair their damaged relationships

Orit Krug

Orit Krug, founder of Orit Krug, Inc., is an award-winning, certified Dance/Movement Therapist and a board-certified Dance/Movement therapist who assists couples and individuals who have suffered trauma to repair damaged relationships. He joins Enterprise Fit Radio.

Pay attention to host Eric Dye & guest Orit Krug discuss the following:

  1. Dance/Movement Therapy can succeed in areas where conventional talk therapy cannot. Is it possible to combine the two?
  2. It is especially effective if one person in the couple has suffered trauma.
  3. Your Dance/Movement Therapy practice is based on neuroscience. Is that a competitive advantage?
  4. How did you determine that using and understanding neuroscience would give you an edge over therapists who don’t understand it?
  5. In an era of so many “me too” businesses, what advice can you provide to businesses in all types of industries about creating a competitive advantage and setting yourself apart.

Orit Krug holds an Award-winning Master of Science degree in Dance/Movement Therapies and is a Board-Certified Dance/Movement therapist. Krug is a specialist in helping couples and high achievers excel in their relationships without self-sabotage. Orit has helped more than 5,000 people from over 11 countries transform their lives for the better in just 12 years. Many people have experienced positive changes in their relationships through her online programs.

Orit was a therapist who led therapy sessions for thousands of psychiatric patients. These people went from being suicidal to dancing joyfully and reviving their passion to live. Orit has been featured in Elephant Journal, ThriveGlobal, Authority Magazine, as well as being quoted in SELF & INSIDER. With her husband, she lives in NYC’s suburbs with their son of 2 years.

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