Chicago Courier Services: and How They Can Optimize Their Last-Mile Delivery with Partners

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E-commerce sites experienced peak demand during the pandemic. This required them to find solutions for a stretched supply chain. FedEx, UPS and other companies still delivered most of the packages. However, new couriers emerged to assist.

These services not only met demand but also stimulated gig economies. Ridesharing and food delivery are already very popular gigs, so adding courier services to this mix has helped many Americans stay employed even in the most difficult times.

Although the dust is now settled after the panic of the pandemics, last-mile courier services must optimize their business models to remain competitive and maintain their businesses.

In this article, we’ll share some insights into how last-mile courier services can leverage their partners to optimize their delivery network.

Chicago courier company partner for deliveries. To give one concrete example, a small courier startup will likely try to rely on publicly available GPS software, like Google Maps – which has serious drawbacks for route planning.

To maximize efficiency, a larger courier company will use special route planning software.

The courier service must ensure that all delivery stops located within the same distance of the destination are part of multi-stop route plan.

Many small courier companies may face this challenge as they may not be able to access a wide range of delivery partners or sophisticated routing software.

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