Can You See Who Views Your Featured Photos on Facebook

A Featured collection is comparable to Instagram’s highlight feature. You can upload multiple photos or videos to your Facebook Page for other people to view. You can remove any photo or video you wish from your Featured area but it won’t be permanently deleted. 

We will talk about how to see your featured Facebook stories.

What’s Facebook Featured Photo?

Facebook Featured Photos

Your profile’s Featured area allows users to choose images that they want to emphasize to help others know more about you. Upload photos to the Featured section and it will create a duplicate of your original image. This implies that the original photo’s likes and comments will not display on your Featured photo. Public photos can be seen by anyone, on or off Facebook.

These steps will allow you to upload images to the Featured Section:

  1. Klick your profile image in the upper left corner of Facebook
  2. Just to the left click on the Intro and then Click Add Featured.
  3. Choose Add New from drop-down menu.
  4. Click the boxes next to photos to add them.
  5. Choose Next
  6. The file can be saved.

Learn how to modify or delete photographs you’ve contributed to the Featured section in your account.

What is the best way to find out who viewed your featured photos on Facebook?

Below are the steps you need to take in order to determine which Facebook users viewed your featured story:

View Your Facebook Profile Photo

Log in to Facebook to access your profile.

Facebook can also be used on your computer.

After logging into Facebook, your profile image will be shown next to the “What’s on your mind?” text box.

Next to the “What’s on your mind?” text box, tap on your profile photo.

Select your profile image and go to the profile section of Facebook.

Alternatively, you may go to your Facebook profile by tapping on the menu button in the bottom navigation bar and selecting “See your profile.”

Take a look at one of the featured collections

You can find the person who visited your Featured section by going to your Facebook page and clicking on one of the Featured stories.

You’ll be sent to your Facebook profile after tapping on your profile photo.

It is possible that your profile information could be visible on your profile.

These include information about your name and address.

Scroll to the end of the page until your collection is visible.

Select your featured collection and choose how many you would like to view it.

Click on the Arrow Icon

After you tap it, the entire collection that you want to see will appear on full-screen.

You can find the number of people who viewed your collection in the lower-left corner.

However, only a small number of names are listed.

To see the full list, tap on the Arrow symbol.

You can check how many people have seen your featured collection by tapping the arrow icon after you select it.

You can check your viewers

“Viewers” and “Others” are two of the categories that will be available.

Your Facebook friends who saw your collection are referred to as “viewers.”

You’ll be sent to the “Insights” page after tapping on the arrow icon.

A list of Facebook friends who visited this page will appear.

You will see the full name and images of their profiles.

Scroll down to see all of your viewers

Check out your other viewers

You might notice an “Others” category if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

To learn more about it, tap “Others.”

“Others” here refers to Facebook views from individuals who aren’t your friends.

“Viewers,” on the other hand, are views from individuals who are your Facebook friends.

The views of people who aren’t your Facebook friends are anonymous.

Facebook keeps their anonymity.

If you’re not friends with the person who viewed your collection on Facebook, you won’t be able to find out who it was.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are You able to view who has viewed your featured photos?

Yes. You can track who has visited your Facebook featured collection.

If you are Facebook friends, then only can you see names of people who have seen your collection.

They will be labeled as “Other viewers” instead of “Viewers” if they are not your Facebook friends.

Only the total number of “Other viewers” can be seen by you.

It is not currently possible to view a complete list of people who have seen your featured stories.

How do viewers view featured stories? 

Your number of people who have seen your photograph are the viewers. To put it another way, it’s the sum of “Featured Viewers” and “Others.”

Your Facebook friends who have viewed your collection are referred to as “viewers.”

Why can’t I see who viewed my Featured photos on Facebook?

By following these steps you can check which of your Facebook friends has seen the Featured story. However, if it is still not possible to view who has viewed it, this could indicate that there are other issues with Facebook. If your profile is in private mode, the data may be anonymized. It is possible to modify your profile settings to make it public. This will allow you to view who has seen your Facebook Featured Collection. 

Are your friends able to view your featured photos?

Your friends will be able to see the Featured section of your profile when they visit it.

Do Featured photos appear on your timeline? 

Yes. Your featured photos from Facebook appear on both your profile and timeline.


It’s helpful to see who has viewed your Facebook Featured collections amongst your friends.

This will allow you to see your Facebook friends who are currently active.

Photos and videos you’ve added to your featured collection can be deleted.

You can also delete the entire collection because it’s your Featured Collection.

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