Build a Remote Business Plan with Employees in Mind

Since March 2020’s COVID shutdown, a lot has happened. However, the biggest change in the business world is the incorporation of remote working practices. Nearly 70% of workers were remote by May 2020. By the time we reach epidemic, this number may rise to 40%. Society for Human Resource Management

Not simply asking employees to go to Zoom meetings, or assume that they’re getting their work done. So, what should supervisors, business owners, and HR personnel do to ensure that company dollars aren’t wasted on people taking advantage of working from home?

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These are some key business principles to keep in mind when you create a plan for a remote company: 

Remote Contracts

You may find it difficult to communicate with your staff when many of them work from home. A remote contract can help you both and your employees succeed in this new environment.

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Contracts that specify work-from-home expectations are a common way for companies and organisations to rely. One option is to include videoconferencing as a means of defining your expectations. An alternative option is to specify the time it takes for you to respond to calls, emails or instant messaging. Further, it’s essential to determine where your employees are going to work and what their hours will be. Many employers offer employees flexibility by allowing them to use their tablet or phone for work. Some prefer staff to stay connected with the computer throughout their workday. There’s no right or wrong way — it’s best to make these decisions based on Company cultureGallup says so.

Company-provided technology

Most employees working from home have their personal phone, tablet and/or laptop. However, if you don’t provide the technology, you can’t guarantee that your proprietary information stays safe. As you develop your remote business plan, it’s a non-negotiable that you provide appropriate technology to meet the needs of your employees. It doesn’t matter if your employees need a headset, phone or chair. You must be prepared. You should also provide them with a remote desktopGive your employees a laptop so they have ergonomic support.

Promote Self-Care

The final piece that most business plans don’t take into consideration, but is essential to successful remote business plans, is to Encourage self-care among employees. You may find it hard to separate yourself from your work by working on the sofa, bed, or dining table. Encouraging a designated area to work, a switch off time (no more checking emails or texts from work), and other self-care activities will ensure enhanced productivity — no matter where your employees are logging in.

You can gain ground with your employees

Many people are aware of the many benefits to working remotely. People love being at home with family and not needing to travel. They also enjoy the flexibility of working remotely. Employees who feel happy and empowered are more likely stay with the company for the long-term. This is the greatest benefit you can ask for.

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