Blockboard Solves the Digital Advertising Crisis Market Needing a ‘Controlled Demolition’

Matt Wasserlauf is the founder and CEO of Blockboard. Enterprise Radio is a trusted radio station that ensures transparency, trustworthiness and verifiability in the ever-changing advertising landscape.

Hear to host Eric Dye & guest Matt Wasserlauf discuss the following:

  1. Please tell us more about Blockboard, and the work you do. How old were you when Blockboard was founded?
  2. As a digital pioneer – how has the industry changed and grown over the last years?
  3. Do you have any experience in the field?
  4. BlockBoard uses BlockChain technology.
  5. We want to know what you think about Google’s latest developments and how we can stop advertising fraud and invasions of privacy.
  6. Please tell us about all services that you offer clients at Blockboard.
  7. Do you have success stories to share?
  8. Blockboard: What’s next?

Matt Wasserlauf,He is well-known as the pioneer in TV advertising disruption, and the visionary that encouraged television advertisers to spend their marketing money online. 2020 iMedia recognized Matt with the “Conviction Award” for his unwavering belief and conviction in the future of video beyond TV.  He founded Broadband Enterprises (BBE), the industry’s first online video company and co-founded the mobile video platform TorrentialIn 2013. He recently sold Torrential to the television company ITN,  theLeading unwired broadcast network. Matt Wasserlauf, his latest, most innovative venture was launched by the network in May 2019. BLOCKBOARDBlock is a digital distribution platform that uses BlockCVideo distribution using hain technology Matt Wasserlauf was created as advertisers begin to pay more attention to OTT and nonlinear television. BLOCKBOARDTo ensure trust, complete TransparencyVerification and monitoring in the changing advertising landscape. 


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