Avoid These 12 Mistakes on the Way to Success

One day when I was writing an interesting article my wife asked me, “Why did you achieve success so late, during the late forties?  Did you ever find out the reasons for your late success?” The question was an interesting one as I seldom thought about why I achieved success so late in my life until then. After thinking about it for awhile, here’s what I came up with:

  1. To find your passion, you must first discover it and then pursue your goals to succeed.  Many people don’t know their passions but slog hard throughout their lives like blind people searching for balls. This is the most common mistake made by people. 
  2. It is essential that you HaveFaith in yourself, patience and perseverance to achieve your goals. According to a study, most failures are caused by impatience or lack of faith. This is second most common error people make. 
  3. The best way to be successful is by having Clearness in your approach.  It is important to know your destination and where you are going.  Many people have huge potential but go to the graveyard without tapping them as they don’t know where they are going.  This is the second mistake that people make. 
  4. It is essential that you have someone to talk to. handhold you. Behind a person’s success, there is someone who laid the ladder to facilitate this success.  You can reach your goals with the help of a mentor or coach. Most people who have failed or achieved success in my training and teaching programs attribute their lack of guidance.   Lack of guidance can often lead to failure.  This is also the fourth error people make. 
  5. It is essential that you Focus on one thing in your lifeYou will grow rapidly.  Too many people try to do too many things, which eventually leads them nowhere.  This is number five. 
  6. Learn to Manage external threatsThis can lead to you losing sight of your goal and objectives. There are two threats ― internal and external threats where internal threats arise out of your negligence, or a lack of sustained focus, and external threats arise from the external environment in which you have no control.  Many people attribute their problems to external factors. And they fail when they don’t anticipate and manage external threats. They also fail when they don’t constantly align themselves towards their goals by keeping themselves on track as and when they go out of track due to external forces and factors.  This is number six.
  7. The best way to be successful is by having ConnectivityIn the present world. The network that connects people is called connection. Without it, they cannot grow. In the end, there are many wrong people who find themselves in an unfortunate situation and fail to realize their full potential.  Raindrops that fall into the ocean have no significance. But if they are dropped into shells, pearls can be formed.  This is what connections do!  This is number seven. 
  8. It is essential that you Focus on the PresentInstead of dwelling on the past that can’t be changed, and worrying about what the future holds, A lot of people spend 30 percent of their lives thinking about what is wrong with their past, which can lead to them wasting precious energy and time.  This is number eight. 
  9. It is important to know how you can manage your time. You are more valuable than money. You can’t waste one second. God gave you a time limit.  Listen to inspiring tapes while you travel and make the most of your time.  You should always have a book for your commute. Most people are not aware of how much time they waste, which can lead to failure and late success.  This is number nine. 
  10. It is essential that you Enjoy the rideIt is not acceptable to sacrifice what you value in order to reach your goal. Many people sacrifice many things with the sole aim of reaching their destination, and finally, don’t find meaning in their lives and get dejected.  This is the tenth most common mistake made by people. 
  11. It is essential that you Instead of focusing on outcomes, focus more upon your efforts. When you focus too much on the outcome you may lose interest in putting your efforts as most of the time outcome won’t come instantly, and it takes lots of time.  Many people become discouraged when they do not get instant results for their effort. This is number eleven. 
  12. Learn to reinventAs per changing technologies and times. With the fast-changing technology, the current world is full of uncertainty and complexity.  People have had success and failed to maintain it because they were not able reinvent the world as needed. They accepted their success as a fact.  They didn’t change the techniques and tools they used to achieve their current position.  The position that they held was no longer theirs, and it wasn’t the one they wanted to reach. This is their twelfth error. 

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

It is possible to succeed even if you are old.  It is possible to be successful even at old age.  A few individuals still pursue their passions. They live their life to the fullest, utilizing all their abilities and potential. Their lives are meaningful and they inspire others. 

I explained to my wife that I was from a very poor background with no formal education.  My 18th birthday saw me join the Indian Air Force. I went on to pursue my education privately, with many gaps. She told me that I was an average student all my life.  I take a lot of time to comprehend certain things.  

It takes me longer to comprehend and understand what I am reading.  This is why I work harder.  A consistent work experience, good mentoring, and prompt support would have made me a much more successful worker.  It was difficult to master everything through trial and error. I mostly learnt lessons from my mistakes, particularly from frequent failures.  

I felt dragged down by my family and surrounded with a handful of unfavorable people. I was unable to achieve my goals and made my life difficult.  I was able to succeed because of my passion for learning new things and receiving feedback.  

Success would reach my feet, I believed.  I don’t know how long it will take.  It took hard work, hard work, clever work, and wisdom to reach my tipping point. Keep doing what you love and focusing on your goals. 

Success requires a number of steps and strategies that must be followed.  It is not that you have been given a destiny, but rather because you want to succeed despite all odds.  Summary: You will succeed when you ignore pessimism and choose to be kind to your family.

Addicted 2 Success published the post Avoid these 12 Mistakes to Get Success.

Addicted 2 Success published the article Avoid these 12 Mistakes to Get Success.

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