An Update On Thailand Casino Online Market

Almost all forms of gambling in Thailand are banned. While the statute doesn’t specifically address internet gambling it does cover the general category. The national lottery and horse racing at a few racetracks are the only exceptions to the country’s gambling ban. Apart from those, there is no gambling zone in the country.

However, Thailand’s gambling industry is still a very lucrative one. In Thailand, 60% of people gamble, bet on sports or play poker. In 2014, $43 billion worth of gambling took place in Thailand on the World Cup. That’s $1.3 billion worth of total wagers on that single event.

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Although local police tend to ignore gambling, they will sometimes execute raids in order to prove their seriousness. Thai authorities arrested over 1000 people in advance of the 2014 World Cup. Although most of those detained were betting agents, a few punters were also arrested.

Anybody found illegally gambling in Thailand could face a fine of 1000 baht and up to one year imprisonment. Gambling is rarely a crime that individuals are charged with, but it happens from time to time. It’s a good idea to minimize your time spent at Thailand’s underground betting parlors.

Online bets are subject to the same penalties. You will be subject to the same penalties if your internet betting is discovered as you would if it were done at a bookmaker. While it’s rare to find someone in serious trouble because they gamble online, it happens.

You should not tell anyone that you are a gambler or play online poker. It is not good to tell others your earnings were derived illegally in Thailand. One tip to the local PD is all it takes to put you on hot water.

Because Thailand does not recognize internet gambling as legitimate employment, foreigners are advised to exercise caution. Deportation may be possible if authorities find out that money is earned from online gambling.

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