7 Popular Items to Stock in your Homewares Store

A homeware store with variety of home stuff.

Owning a homewares store is very rewarding – you get to brighten people’s homes with things from your shop. If you’ve got a passion for creative interior design, a homeware store is a smart way to start a thriving business. But it’s important to take inventory of the items you already have and make sure that your stock is up-to-date.

Popular pieces are often more popular because customers may be exposed to them in magazines or on social media. In this article, we’ll get you started with 7 popular articles that you should stock in your homewares store right away.

1. Ceramics hand-made

The popularity of handmade dinnerware and ceramics is increasing due to satisfaction pottery videos posted on social media. These handmade items have an added personal touch that adds charm to the product.

Ask local ceramic and potter artists if their products can be stock in your shop. You will be able to support local businesses as well as create a cyclic economic environment. This will reduce logistical costs.

You can collaborate with local artists to produce a special range of ceramics just for you if this model is successful.

2. Candles and diffusers

Without candles or diffusers, a homeware store would be incomplete. They can elevate any space and make a statement if they are used properly. Comforting is found in a room that smells great.

Even if customers don’t come to your store to buy candles and diffusers, placing them in the right location can increase the possibility of a purchase. Place candles and diffusers with different scents next to the bed, bath and dinnerware sections to create a pleasant, immersive environment for customers. It is likely that customers will be inspired to purchase a fragrance for their homes.

3. You can also buy blankets, rugs and pillows.

Pillows, blankets and rugs are always a popular focal point for bedrooms and living rooms. Stock rugs and pillows in a variety of fabrics to see what works best. Boho-chic is a popular category for woven pillows.

Customers love soft throw blankets, patterned rugs and other soft furnishings. Customers will love to see their dreams come true when they are able to visualize the space in which you have set up.

4. Organiser for Jewellery

The best jewellery organizers for jewelry are essential. These are highly collectible and are usually restocked frequently. Opt for bold pieces that will look amazing on your dressing table. Popular options are wood, stone, and ceramic. To add personalization to your products, you could offer engraving services.

5. Bookcase and coffee table

This year, trendy coffee tables will be in fashion at the furniture section. Customers want coffee tables that stand out as the focal point of their living spaces. There are many options for stock tables, not just the rectangular ones. Beautiful resin art is very much in fashion. These tables can also be made from succulents, which are very easy to keep clean.

Don’t forget to stock a few coffee table books near the table section. To promote a cohesive lifestyle, match the book style to that of your table. You can increase your local appeal by stocking books on historical and tourist sites nearby.

6. Lamps

As more people choose to have smaller lighting in their homes, lamp shades, and lampshades are very much in fashion. You can appeal to more people by choosing lampshades that are made from different materials. Make sure you only stock energy-efficient bulbs when buying new ones.

7. Products that are eco-friendly

It is important to recognize your environmental responsibility when running a business. It’s a great way to increase business and stay sustainable by stocking eco-friendly products in your shop.

If they feel that the purchase is making a positive impact on the environment, customers will often spend an extra dollar. Owning a sustainable store is also a selling point on its own – you are more likely to get repeat customers if they know that you source your products responsibly.

There are many options for stocking recycled glassware, repurposed furnishings, organic cotton/hemp bedsheets, wicker baskets or bamboo chairs.

Let’s get to the bottom

The right merchandise can either make or break your company. Regularly updating your stock can create a feeling of excitement and anticipation among customers which will lead to repeat business and increased sales. Listen to your customers to find out what they are looking for, then stock up!

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