6 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care More in 2022

2022 is upon us. Are you ready for 2022? Have you decided on your New Year’s resolution yet? No? That’s ok. It’s not the case for millions of other people. And who knows anyone that will stick to their resolutions anyway? If I had $1 for every broken resolution I’ve made, I’d have retired by now.

Are you at the least able to create a 2022 bucket list or wishlist? A bucket list has the best part about it: you can add to it whenever you want. My wish list is simple…it starts with health and happiness for myself and my loved ones. What is happiness, you ask? It is unique and individual for everyone. This is a list that I believe can be used to fulfill all wishes.

  • Our tables are filled with food
  • We have a roof above our heads
  • Water intake should be increased
  • Consume more fresh foods
  • More sleep
  • Spend time with your family
  • You deserve to spend quality time by yourself
  • More laughter
  • Many, many
  • Respect others by treating them as you would like to be treated

It’s a very simple list, but I know that the majority of people reading this will struggle to fulfil it. It’s called self care. There are many different views about self-care. Some understand the importance of it, others think it’s about being selfish and indulgent. I don’t blame them, when it was first mentioned to me I didn’t have a clue what it really meant. It was about taking care of my body. I believed it meant washing, brushing, eating and sleeping. When I learned what the real meaning of it was, and how I could achieve it I believed it to be selfishness.

“I can hardly wait for tomorrow, it means a new life for me each and every day.” – Stanley Kunitz

After I had a firm grasp of it, and began to put it into practice in my daily life, it was hard to believe how I ever got by. You need to be a bit selfish, but not necessarily act it. It’s all about ME. What can you do to make your life more enjoyable and healthy? I want to show the best version of me to other people without losing my own self-worth.

Below are several ways that you can take care of yourself this year.:

1. Are you a YES person?

You don’t have to say “yes” to every request. Instead, take some time to really think it through. Be honest and tell the truth if you feel like saying no. We are all disposable at the end. When your life is coming to an end, nobody is going to say ‘she was a great girl , she never said no to anyone. You can’t stop saying no to anyone or anything in the world. If you are a ‘yes’ person, this will be your hardest lesson to learn.

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2.Be a good friend of your business

Also, you need to be able to enjoy your work and to get to know yourself. Is there something that makes you feel happy? How does your blood pump? The first two steps work hand in hand. You are halfway there to self-care.


Declutter, yes you heard me. Clear desks, closets, and wardrobes are a great way to clear your mind. Clearing the mind helps. Last year I moved house, now I wasn’t a hoarder, but a collector. I can’t begin to tell you how much I recycled to charity or tossed to the garbage but it was freeing. It’s possible! Begin with a simple task. Start by picking one room and going through every storage area. Not only will you feel good for doing it, if you can donate a lot of what you’re clearing, then you will feel even better for helping others.

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.” – Joshua Becker

4.You can re-discover something that you love.

It may be a hobby that you haven’t pursued for years. Perhaps you have a knack for drawing, knitting, and poetry. No matter what it was, make time for it again. This will prove to be a great stress reliever.

5.Take a break for lunch

Take your lunch break. Everyone is guilty of eating lunch at work or while on the go. Grab your lunch and go to your desk. Take a walk around the block once you’ve eaten. Take the time to step away for some instant ‘me’ time. You don’t get paid extra for working through lunch.

6.Always put your best foot forward

Now light the candle, get your wine, and let it burn. It’s never too late to make yourself the priority in everything that you do. Trust me, once you do, you’ll thank me. You will be happier, more relaxed, and content.

It’s your turn. It’s time to make 2022 the year of YOU. Which actions are you taking to take better care of yourself? Comment below.

Addicted 2 Success first published 6 Simple Methods to Improve Your Self-Care in 2022.

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