5 Simple Habits to Live A Less Chaotic, Happier Life

Most people spend their lives seeking happiness. Many of us jump from one job or hobby to the next in search for happiness.

But it’s hard pursuing happiness. Life is filled with frustrations that can make it difficult to feel good.

And it’s challenging to be happy when we are juggling the responsibilities of everyday life like work and relationships. While achieving happiness is arduous, it’s not impossible. To live more fully and to be happier, try these five habits.

1. Walk in Nature

I have always felt happier when I spend time outside. A walk in my local park, which is surrounded by trees, brings me peace.

All the worries that were previously on my mind have been lifted and I now feel an unimaginable joy.

I find it extremely soothing to spend 20 minutes a day getting fresh air. 

There is very little space for tranquility in a culture of work that encourages hustle and bustle. We associate a busy schedule with how successful we are, which isn’t entirely true at all.

This could actually be a recipe for disaster. All that stress and anxiety bottled up without an outlet—the outcome is obvious.

My go-to method for maintaining work-life harmony is to get in touch with the natural world. I feel energized, ready to take on the day and be optimistic.

2. Smile more often

I make it a habit to smile every day; they aren’t fake smiles but genuine ones. These smiles have been an integral part of every day life.

Where is it that I am smiling? The night sky can be covered in shining stars like fine quicksand. You could see the new growth of springtime flowers.

All things are welcomed into my life. Even when I have a rainy day, I don’t let it ruin my momentum.

Regardless of what happens, a simple smile can brighten my day; and best yet, it’s completely free.

Everybody can experience a stress-filled day at one point or another and become exhausted. Smile. Even if you’re not a positive person, take a firm stance against negativity. You will feel joy in your daily life.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

3. Find Your Passion

Many people dive headfirst into a day job that doesn’t interest them. It’s not for them, but the income.

People who aren’t attached to their work will find difficulty achieving happiness. People who live in a stale, gray world without any hope or optimism are called “Stayers of the Dark Side”.

Pay attention to what you feel. Find out what makes you feel excited and enthusiastic. You can now discover what your goals and dreams are.

The world offers endless possibilities. Get started with a company. Volunteer for a charity event. Find your purpose.

To earn reliable rental income, I turned to real estate. However, there wasn’t a feeling of fulfillment. This feeling quickly reached a tipping point and prompted me to reprioritize all my priorities.

I wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives. My passion for blogging grew out of my interests in both business and personal development. And I can’t be any happier about it.

Everybody needs something to make their lives meaningful. You can find the light you need to move in the right direction.

It is important to have goals and dreams in order to be truly happy. You will not be successful without goals and dreams.

4. Practice Gratitude

On some days, we might feel no gratitude. In the hustle and bustle life, we are constantly seeking perfection. One that is full of wins and success.

But, this will make you even further from happiness.

Every day, take the time to appreciate what you have in life. It is helpful to sit down and write.

I start with “I am grateful for…” It can be the appreciation for my afternoon cup of herbal tea. Sometimes it’s the bright blue sky during a sunny day.

The routine creates a supportive system to reinforce positive emotions. It reminds me that there are many things I’ve experienced in life and even more things that I’m grateful for.

Even when I’m having a rough day, I do my best to smile and spread joy.

So appreciate everything that enters your life—all the good and bad. This will make your mood rise to new heights.

5. Share Memories of Love with Your Best Friend

Sometimes it can seem tempting to put all of our energy and attention on achieving valuable goals. We say, “I’ll take it easy and spend time with loved ones after I’m successful.”

However, what happens if this time doesn’t come? Is it possible for your family members to suddenly pass away?

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t wait until next year to prioritize your family members. After all, you wouldn’t want to leave any room for regret.

Your cherished moments will bring you joy. You can use them to motivate yourself when you set goals.

Being social can bring us happiness and fulfillment as we share stories, our feelings and even our dreams.

It isn’t for everyone to live alone. It is okay to be alone sometimes, but it’s important that you share these moments with loved ones. These memories will live on in your heart forever.

Sometimes, the search for true happiness can seem daunting. Finding lasting happiness can take a lot of time. We often give up.

You have to look at the positive side. Living a better and happier life isn’t a far-fetched dream; it’s within reach. You can find happiness in the little things and habits you make every day.

You can live the life you dream of by implementing these five habits every day. Don’t give up halfway. You will never be able to enjoy life fully if you don’t do this.

Addicted 2 Success first published 5 Simple Habits that Will Make Your Life Less Chaotic and Happier.

Addicted 2 Success published the post Five Simple Habits for a Happier, Less Chaotic Life.

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