4 Ways to Upgrade a Wedding Venue in 2022

With more venue options available to couples than ever, older wedding venues need to make some changes to meet expectations

Now that COVID-19 restrictions have lessened and people are once again attending large gatherings, wedding venues are booking up faster than ever! There are also more wedding venues on the market that are competing with each other in order to get the best bookings. If you are a venue owner or operator and you haven’t updated the venue in the last few years, you may want to consider making some changes. In order to make sure you are able to offer the kinds of amenities couples are looking for, you should consider the following wedding venue upgrade options.

  1. Lighting Control Systems

Stunning lighting is one of the most important aspects of a wedding ceremony—make sure you have the lighting controls to get the job done

An example of wedding venue uplighting. Image courtesy of The Lighting and Sound Company.

Entire wedding venues can be completely transformed with the right kind of lighting. Think about it, if you are a couple hosting a wedding where the ceremony and reception occur in the same space, a change in lighting is absolutely necessary. Whether romantic lighting is required for the ceremony or party lighting is required for the reception, it is important that wedding venues are able to produce diverse lighting landscapes. That’s why we recommend an upgrade to a lighting control system as part of your wedding venue renovation. By installing a lighting control system—like a DMX controller—you’ll be able to transform your venue using a few simple lighting commands.

Lighting control systems are designed to make creating impressive lighting as simple as possible. These kinds of systems are able to control several groups of lights at once and only require a few human inputs. In fact, there are options to create and save lighting scenes that can be reproduced for any occasion. Often, these lighting systems come with pre-set scenes that property managers or lighting technicians can use to instantly create different lighting landscapes.

This is an important feature of any venue type for couples because it takes the pressure out of providing their own lighting setup. While the DJ may need some additional lighting, it is not necessary for the couple to hire an outside lighting technician to design and provide tech for uplighting and other types of commonly used wedding lighting.

You may also want to consider investing in what is called a gobo light. Gobo lights are able to produce complex light projections including text and images. These lights are perfect for wedding venues as they are able to project the name of the couple or any other design that contributes to the overall theme of the wedding. Often, these types of lighting upgrades are some of the easiest and least expensive ways that you can significantly upgrade a wedding venue. 

  1. Bride and Groomsmen Suites

If you don’t already have a space for the wedding parties to retreat, your venue may be in need of an upgrade

Wedding party suites need to meet the demands of couples. Image courtesy of Cork Factory Hotel.

While making sure the event space for weddings is up to par with consumer demands, it is important to keep in mind that amenities behind the scenes are just as important. One of the biggest ways that you can upgrade your wedding venue is by adding or upgrading bridal and groomsmen suites. These spaces are important for wedding parties to celebrate privately, make final adjustments, and hold personal items—sort of like a dressing room for a performer. Though this isn’t a part of the wedding the guests will see, couples searching for a wedding venue will definitely take notice. If you do not have space for a bridal or groomsmen suites, then you may need to undergo some major renovations to make the additions. If you do already have a bridal suite as part of your wedding venue, then you may need to make some improvements. For example, many couples will look for the following features in a bridal suited for their wedding:

  • Excellent lighting
  • Floor length mirrors
  • A refrigerator for snacks and drinks
  • Temperature control and additional fans
  • Sound system

Since putting the finishing touches on a bride or groom for the wedding often takes a while, it means the wedding party will be spending a lot of time in the suites. Since this is where all of the behind-the-scenes magic happens, it is necessary to make sure your wedding party suites meet all of the requirements.

  1. Make Your Event Space Indoor/Outdoor

Now more than ever, couples are on the hunt for indoor/outdoor wedding venue options

Give your guests the option for an indoor or outdoor ceremony.

If you own or operate a wedding venue, then you likely realize that weddings require different types of spaces for different stages of the event. In many cases, space is required for the cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception at minimum. In order to separate the different parts of the wedding, many couples want a venue with indoor/outdoor options. 

Indoor/outdoor venues are also appealing to couples because there is a built-in contingency plan in the case of inclement weather . If a ceremony is planned outdoors but there is rain or other kinds of weather that make the ceremony impossible, there will be an option for a backup plan. This is especially important for people getting married in the summertime as a stray thunderstorm could put the whole ceremony in jeopardy.

A good way to introduce an indoor outdoor space to your wedding venue is by installing retractable or garage-like doors. These types of doors not only welcome natural light, they will also connect the indoor and outdoor areas of your venue. For the outdoor portion you can build a patio, a gazebo, or some other type of structure that is conducive to either ceremonies or receptions. It is also possible you already have an outdoor space and only require the retractable doors to connect the two spaces. Even if the outdoor space isn’t being used for the wedding, it is always nice to give your guests space to get some air. 

  1. Invest in Landscape Design

Speaking of outdoor spaces, one of the best ways to set yourself apart from competition is by investing in your landscaping

The wedding photography is almost as important as the ceremony itself.

Though you may not realize it, the appearance of the outside of your venue is just as important as the inside. We already talked about creating an indoor/outdoor wedding space, but what do you do if the surrounding outdoor area isn’t up to par? 

When you’re searching for ways to upgrade your venue, a great place to start is with your outdoor landscaping. If your property has other buildings, you might consider installing a trellis to cover up any bare siding or concrete. You may also want to plant trees and shrubs to cover up any utility boxes or other necessary—yet unsightly—obstructions. It is also worthwhile to fill your outdoor space with potted plants. Even if you are hosting a completely indoor wedding, there is a good chance that the wedding party will want a few pictures outside of the venue. That’s why it is so important to make sure that every part of the venue is picture ready. In reality, more people will likely see the wedding via social media posts than people who are attending the wedding—so having several spaces for photo opportunities is essential. 

Not to mention the popularity of botanical-themed weddings is on the risen currently. In 2022, more couples are looking for ways to incorporate plants—whether they be real or fake—into their wedding design. If you already have impressive landscape design on your property, then you’re giving your business a leg up on the competition.

If you are searching for a few ways to upgrade your wedding venue, we highly recommend using one of our ideas to get started. In a post COVID-19 era of celebration, couples are more discerning than ever when it comes to choosing their venue for that special day. In order to keep up with the industry, there is a good chance that you will need to make a few changes to your property. But, don’t worry! You don’t have to overhaul your whole venue all at once. By making a few changes throughout the years, you can keep your wedding venue perennially up to date. 

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