10 Tips to Living a Sober Life

Addicts to certain substances often find it difficult to quit using them. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs or any other substance, they find it difficult to stop, come out and get help. Relapses are quite common for people new to recovery but it’s the step that one takes to avoid it that matters. You must be clean of any substance and keep it that way. These are 10 ways to live a clean life while learning the best coping skills.

1. Recognize triggers

To stay sober you must understand your external triggers. These can be people, situations, places, or even things. You can identify your internal triggers by thoughts, feelings or emotions.

Once you are aware of your triggers and how to avoid them, it is easier to stay away.

2. Support

Even if you’re just out of rehab it may be challenging to find new sober friends.  Get involved in a support group to spend more time with others who can help you get sober. Participate in activities with others that can help you live a more healthy lifestyle. Talk to a therapist. Learn more about how to quit drinking and learn new coping strategies.

3. Create new habits

You can find a hobby that you enjoy and keep you sober. This could include going to movie theaters or eating out in healthy surroundings. Being involved in meaningful activities and connecting with people is good for the soul and can motivate one to strive to achieve more.

4. Be healthy

While you are in recovery, take into consideration your health and diet. In your daily life, you can include hobbies and exercise.

5. Avoid hazardous places

You can reduce any negativity in your daily life by staying away from the things that make you feel anxious. Avoid places that could trigger a relapse.

6. Look for a sober friend

You can find someone in your situation and who wants to remain sober. Their friendship will help reduce feelings of isolation, help you relate to what you’re going through and allow you to interact socially as you get sober. You will be more resilient.

7. Be a good company. Develop healthy relationships.

You might have an addiction to toxic or unhealthy relationships. Rehab allows you to look at your relationships and make decisions about which ones to keep. Avoid friends who were close to you. You can be hurt by toxic relationships.

8. Create a simple routine

Your lifestyle is a key factor in your recovery. You should establish your daily and weekly schedules. Follow them strictly. You will be able to stay sober and reach your goals.

9. Recognize your mistakes from the past

It is painful and difficult to recover from past mistakes or behaviors. Acknowledging your mistakes is key to healing.

10. Your finances are your priority

Every form of drug abuse is detrimental to your financial, professional and intimate relationships. It’s hard to manage money if you are constantly spending on alcohol or drugs. Due to stress, such as paying bills or other costs, a lack of funds can lead to relapse. Take small steps to improve your financial situation.

These are just a few of the tips that we hope will be helpful to you in your journey to sobriety.

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